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Follett Software Company introduces a comprehensive union catalog product

Press Release: Follett [January 2, 1995]

Copyright (c) 1995 Follett

McHENRY, ILLINOIS -- January 2, 1995 -- New Union Catalog Plus from Follett Software Company combines the benefits of information access for patrons, and resource sharing and data sharing among libraries. Working through a centralized database, all sites can now access the union database. Windows functionality makes Union Catalog Plus easy to use.

Union Catalog Plus enhances patron information access dramatically. Library patrons gain on-line access to multiple collections within the union from their local library site. Access from their homes is also possible using dial-in access. Additionally, Union Catalog Plus enables patrons to determine whether the library which has the desired material participates in InterLibrary Loans.

InterLibrary Loans, which are the essence of resource sharing, are greatly facilitated by Union Catalog Plus. This functionality directly benefits libraries as much as the patrons they serve, as institutions reduce book acquisition costs by more efficiently using current holdings from elsewhere within the union. Any community of libraries can share valuable resources when using Union Catalog Plus.

Union Catalog Plus also streamlines data sharing, saving significant cataloging time and money for member libraries. Data from all member sites is merged at the central location, thus creating the union database. Any circulation program with data that can be exported in USMARC format can contribute to the union. All member libraries can use the current record in the union first, avoiding duplicate cataloging as new items are added to collections. A seamless Alliance Plus interface aids in cataloging new items, with access to 1.25 million records in the three Alliance Plus CD-ROM MARC databases.

"Union Catalog Plus helps libraries and those who use them overcome the limitations of one library, one collection," says Charles "Chuck" R. Follett, president of the 275-person Follett Software Company. "Union Catalog Plus, in effect, breaks down a library's walls, allowing patrons to access information and libraries to share data and resources with other libraries participating in their union. By maximizing a school or library's literary and cataloging resources, we've also helped it to maximize its financial resources."

Union Catalog Plus is now available for purchase. For further information on using Union Catalog Plus to establish a library union, customers may contact Follett Software Company: in writing at 1391 Corporate Drive, McHenry, Illinois, 60050-7041, or with a toll-free call at (800) 323-3397.

Follett Software Company is America's leading supplier of library microcomputer management software, with more than 23,000 installations of the company's flagship product, Circulation Plus. Located in McHenry, Illinois, Follett Software Company is a Follett Corporation company.

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