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Follett Software Company introduces new version op its USMARC database CD-ROM under Unison design

Press Release: Follett [November 1, 1993]

Copyright (c) 1995 Follett

MCHENRY, ILLINOIS -- November 1, 1993 -- Follett Software Company announces its plans to release a new version of its Alliance Plus application software. The new release of Alliance Plus will operate under Follett's new Unison software platform, a design which allows for connectivity between core Follett Software products. With Alliance Plus, users can choose to access one of Follett's three USMARC database options: Alliance Plus, Alliance Vintage"' or Alliance A/V ACCESS.

The Alliance Plus USMARC database CD-ROM contains Library of Congress book, audiovisual and serial records for use in library cataloging, shelflist data entry, and curriculum/collection development. Updated quarterly, the Alliance Plus CD-ROM contains many records that have been enhanced with reading, interest and grade levels, review sources, annotations and subject headings to maximize patron searching capabilities. Alliance Plus also provides for the automatic updating of data records with reading and interest level information, when available.

Alliance Vintage is a single-issue, supplemental disc containing approximately 500,000 additional records provided free of charge to all Alliance Plus database subscribers. Alliance Vintage contains often-requested records, including more than 300,000 records from pre-1968 publications, 180,000 audio-visual records with sound recordings and projected graphics, and thousands of monographs, printed music, kits and other material types.

Early in 1994, Follett will offer a third CD-ROM database dedicated to audio-visual materials. Alliance A/V ACCESS, will allow access to more than 400,000 multimedia MARC records. Follett Software has formed an alliance with Professional Media Service Corp. the leading supplier of audio-visual materials. PMSC has contributed a base of MARC records for the first issue of Alliance A/V ACCESS and will contribute additional records for each quarterly update.

Alliance Plus in Unison interfaces directly with Catalog Plus"' and Circulation Plus"'. It serves as a retrospective conversion tool, involving the matching of incomplete cataloging records with fully cataloged MARC records located on the Alliance Plus, Alliance Vintage or Alliance A/V ACCESS CD-ROM and the processing of those records for which an exact match was not possible.

The Unison version of Circulation Plus or Catalog Plus is a prerequisite for the purchase of Alliance Plus in Unison. Additional operating system requirements include Microsoft CD-ROM extensions v2.20 or higher and MS-DOS v5.0 or higher. Minimal hardware requirements include 80386-25 MHz or better MS-DOS compatible computer, one ISO 9660 format compatible CD-ROM drive with card and cable, internal or external, and one floppy drive. (Hardware must have 518K free RAM after running CD-ROM extensions.)

Projected release date for Alliance Plus in Unison is first quarter, 1994. Consumers interested in learning more about the new Alliance Plus, or any of the other products operating under the Unison design, can write Follett Software Company, 809 N. Front Street, McHenry, Illinois, 60050-5589, or call toll-free (800) 323-3397. A Follett Corporation Company located in McHenry, Illinois, Follett Software Company is currently the largest supplier of library microcomputer software in America.

A/V ACCESS is a registered trademark of Professional Media Service Corp.

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Issue:November 1, 1993
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