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Online government printing office catalog launched by Auto-Graphics: first capability to access full text via world wide web tops list of new database functions

Press Release: Auto-Graphics, Inc. [July 5, 1996]

Copyright (c) 1996 Auto-Graphics, Inc.

NEW YORK, July 5, 1996 -- The company that created the first non-paper versions of the Government Printing Office's (GPO) Monthly Catalog -- first on microfiche and later on CD-ROM -- is now the first to enable online access to the 20-year cumulative index via the World Wide Web.

Offered by Auto-Graphics Inc., a leading supplier of information and database resource sharing systems, the electronic version of the monthly index to U.S. Government publications further provides direct links to full-text documents for the first time.

Auto-Graphics' Government Document Catalog Service (GDCS) is one of a growing number of modular capabilities within its Impact/ACCESS product, which provides library patrons with access to commercial databases through the same user-friendly interface that is used for searching library catalogs, acquiring inter-library loans and other staff and patron functions.

Free access to GPO documents is currently limited to less than 2 percent of the nation's libraries, selected as Federal Depositories by virtue of their state, regional or specialized academic service. Those libraries have been the primary market for Auto-Graphics' fiche and CD-ROM versions of the GPO index.

GDCS expands the potential for free access to non-depository libraries that can now make government information readily available to their patrons by subscribing to the online indexing service.

The index itself is comprised of more than 400,000 catalog records for government publications dating from 1976 to the present. A library patron need only click on a record's URL (Universal Resource Locator) code to gain access to the full-text source document, wherever it resides, via the Web. If a URL code is not present, the patron can call up information on document locations and, if the document is available within the library consortium, ask for an inter-library loan. URL codes are currently being added to catalog records by the GPO.

Online government document indexes are available from other sources, including the GPO itself, but all are far more limited in scope and functionality than GDCS, according to William Kliss, vice president and general manager of Auto-Graphics Library Services.

As a standalone product, Impact/ACCESS GDCS distinguishes itself by new functionality and by providing the most accurate, complete and authoritative version of the GPO database available, Kliss said.

The system provides hotlinks within the database to conduct searches by subject, author, agency, and other criteria. GDCS includes daily depository shipping lists for the most up-to-date location information.

"GPO documents are a chronicle of American government at work and have immense value to businesses, researchers and interested citizens," Kliss said. "The ability to offer this informational database via the World Wide Web is a significant milestone for libraries."

Impact/ACCESS GDCS is one of a number of new capabilities announced today by Auto-Graphics at the American Library Association conference being held this week in New York City, all of which expand Internet search services offered by libraries to patrons.

Company Information

Founded in 1950, Auto-Graphics, Inc. (OTC:AUGR) has capitalized on new technology as it becomes available, providing information publishing and database resource sharing systems to the publishing and library communities. Made up of two divisions, the Library Services Division and the Publishing Services Division, Auto-Graphics offers a wide range of products and services that are both cost-effective and innovative.

The Library Services Division has been committed to providing libraries and their patrons with user-friendly resource tools for 25 years. Always on the leading edge of library automation, Auto-Graphics began by developing printed book catalogs of library inventory. As technology advanced, Auto-Graphics developed new products ranging from fiche and film catalogs to, in recent years, CD-ROM catalogs. Today, Auto-Graphics is providing the latest in information access technology to libraries throughout the nation by offering access to online catalogs and databases. Over one million people per day use Auto-Graphics' software to access library information.

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