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New Internet tool for full access users delivers unique find, organize and management capabilities for cool destinations: the first search and connect tool that is not client-bound and is tied to an annotated database

Press Release: Sirsi Corporation [June 15, 1995]

Copyright (c) 1995 Sirsi Corporation

Huntsville, AL---(June 15, 1995)---Seasoned Internet usrs are intimately familiar with two major problems that crop up as they move on down the Information Highway a few miles. First, is locating worthwhile destinations and juggling what could be hundreds of sites in a meaningful way. Second, is how to help the many new users who work with these destinations get a smooth, unintimidating start on the Internet. That's why SIRSI Corporation, Huntsville, Alabama, is introducing Vizion, a new search and connect tool that is linked to an annotated database. It's targeted at users (individuals and organizations) in general business environments, education, government, corporate libraries, and R&D focused companies.

Though Vizion includes FTP and telnet clients, it also takes advantage of a user's existing web browser and gopher clients. Thus, Vizion is not client-bound, allowing a user complete freedom to add and delete clients to match personal preferences.

"PIM" For The Internet

"Vizion is to Internet users as personal information managers (PIMs) are to the organized business person," notes Jim Young, SIRSI Chief Executive Officer. "It gives users the power to speed information searches with slice-and-dice flexibility, keeping hard working, cool destinations at their fingertips. It also makes connecting up to them a snap for anyone-whether a first time user or an experienced Internet veteran."

Fast Start for New Users

Vizion's ability to encompass all the different ways to get to online information makes it very easy for the new user. "Because there are so many things users must remember, the whole process can be horribly intimidating for someone just starting out," said Young. "When Vizion is used, people do not need to remember what client to use or what process to go through to arrive at a preferred destination. They either click on an icon or make the selection from the Explorer database. Vizion does the rest. That makes it a great way to help new Internet users get their feet wet without discouraging them."

Worthwhile Destinations

Vizion, through its Explorer feature, helps a user find worthwhile destinations because it has a built-in annotated database with over 1,400 information addresses that are just a point and click away. Using a portfolio graphic metaphor, destinations, represented as colorful icons, are divided into 18 different categories: Books, Business, BBS, Clients, Research, Directories, Legal, Libraries, Magazines, Medical, News, Shopping, Sports, Travel, Weather, Work, Entertainment, and Government. Click on an icon and Vizion automatically connects to the destination.

Further, Vizion assists a user in organizing and managing key information resource destinations by allowing the installed annotated database to be added to, then organized and managed in a number of useful ways. Destinations can be organized on four different levels-by country, institution type (government, university), service (bulletin board, magazine provider), and main subject. Information can then be filtered by key words and a series of other attribute values, resulting in a manageable short list of relevant destinations. The user has a full range of features to allow the Vizion database and its accompanying portfolio to be customized to the user's work style and personal preferences. Even the organizing and managing criteria can be redefined.

Short Cuts To More Internet Destinations

Because Vizion's annotated database is resident at the computer desktop level, it gives users access to Internet and non-Internet information resources i.e. World Wide Web, modem-based BBSs, FTP sites, gopher servers, Telnet hosts and optional Z39.50 library sites. Users now have a short cut method to avoid having to recall hard-to-remember addresses and log-in procedures for the different types of information sources. And, with information searches taking place "outside" the Internet itself, the process of arriving at the right destination, whether modem, network or Internet, is transparent to users. This speeds access, increases convenience and makes finding the right information a breeze.

System Requirements

Vizion requires 5MB of hard disk storage on a 386 or higher PC compatible computer with Windows 3.1 or later with a mouse. A 9600 baud or faster modem is recommended (but Vizion with work with 2400 baud). At least 8MB or RAM memory if recommended for optimum performance. And users must have a direct connection to the Internet either at their business/organization or through an Internet service provider.

Price and Availability

Vizion will be available May 1, directly from SIRSI Corporation in two versions. The basic version carries a suggested retail price of $49.95. Vizion with the optional Z39.50 client, is $99.95. Multi-user or site license pricing is available upon request.


The SIRSI Corporation is a world leading supplier of client/server information automation software for UNIX, Windows and Macintosh platforms within academic, public, legal, medical, governmental and corporate environments. Founded in 1979, SIRSI is located at 689 Discovery Drive Huntsville, AL 35806. For more information contact Sirsi.

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