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Nichols releases MARCit, a new tool for cataloging Internet resources

Press Release: MARCit, Inc. [January 10, 1998]

Copyright (c) 1998 MARCit, Inc.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, January 10, 1998 - Nichols Advanced Technologies Inc. today announces the release of MARCit, new software that makes cataloging Internet resources easy and efficient.

A librarian begins by using their browser to find a site they want to catalog. They then click on the floating MARCit icon, which displays a cataloging screen on top of their browser. Immediately, much of the site is cataloged automatically, including the fixed and other mandatory fields listed on the sheet attached, as well as the web site address (Uniform Resource Locator) and title, which are taken directly from the librarian's browser.

To finish cataloging the site, the librarian enters the rest of the cataloging information (subtitles, publication information, summaries, subjects, etc.) into the other fields available. They then click the Save button, which saves the record to a designated file. The librarian can then import the file to their library automation system database.

Behind the scenes, MARCit does much of the work necessary to ensure the quality of the records it produces. MARCit even sets whether the site is a web site (http) or an FTP site automatically in the 856 field, in accordance with the latest MARC Standards, dated July 1997. MARCit automatically handles one main author entry, which can be either personal or corporate, but not both, and several other author entries. MARCit sets the correct MARC fields, subfields and indicators for different types of subjects and subject divisions. It also automatically checks ISBN's and makes certain a title is entered.

The records MARCit creates will import into any system that can import MARC records from a floppy disk. They adhere to the latest (July 1997) Library of Congress MARC Standards. All of the mandatory MARC fields are cataloged automatically by MARCit.

"The Internet is a tremendous resource of information, but the commonly used search engines were not designed by librarians," said D. Bruce Butler, President of Nichols. "Librarians have the advantage of knowing what types of sites are of interest to their patrons - of creating Internet subsets specifically for their patrons. By cataloging these sites, librarians can offer their patrons access not only to the books, periodicals, and other resources inside their library, but to equally valuable Internet resources. MARCit makes the cataloging process infinitely easier, saving the librarian time and ensuring that much of the record is cataloged properly. And at only $49.95, we think we've priced MARCit attractively, too

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Type of Material:Press Release
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Publisher:MARCit, Inc.
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