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Introducing the PHD Laser+: Laser Technology in library automation scanning

Press Release: Follett [January 31, 1997]

Copyright (c) 1997 Follett

McHENRY, IL - January 31, 1997 - Introducing the PHD Laser+, the latest in portable handheld scanners for the library market from Follett Software Company. The PHD Laser+ is a full-functioning, battery-powered lightweight scanner developed with laser technology - the latest and most advanced technology available in the library-market. With unsurpassed performance, the PHD Laser+ provides librarians with the most accurate, streamlined tool for completing unique data collection applications.

The PHD Laser+ scanner reads multiple barcode symbologies, automatically discriminating amongst industry standard and Follett Classic symbologies. Its laser technology affords librarians a greater scanning distance, reading barcodes between 2" and 10" away with minimal movement. Users simply press a button and the scanner shoots a visible red beam to read the barcode.

The PHD Laser+ also provides greater "read" accuracy. It reads each barcode multiple times to produce a single interpretation, and signals the user of a "good scan" with the flash of a green light and the sound of a beep. This notification feature, combined with the high-accuracy read rate, helps users complete tasks quickly by delivering more precise information the first time through.

"The PHD Laser+ is a great improvement in library-scanner technology," says Phil Johnson, Follett Software Product Manager. "It's simple to use and provides more accurate information fast. And definitely notable, this is a product we can build on for the future." Developers created the PHD Laser+ with expandable memory, making it ready for the addition of future applications which would increase its functionality.

"The PHD Laser+ enhances traditional library scanner functions and requires less work on its user's part than 'contact' type scanners," notes Johnson. Inventory tasks take less time to complete - the lightweight PHD Laser+ enables convenient movement and scanning throughout the library media center, and its high accuracy rate helps users complete inventory scanning more quickly. When backup circulation needs arise, the functionality and portability of the laser scanner enable it to serve as a simple, supplementary circulation tool. Librarians can use the PHD Laser+ with Follett Software's Circulation Plus v1.50 or greater to generate printed reports, such as item lists, patron lists, and bibliography reports, as well as to enter data to be manipulated within these reports. And librarians can simplify tedious database management tasks with the PHD Laser+ by employing patron delete and global editing functions. The scanner can also help users delete items and assign user-defined categories to items in the database which can aid teachers and administrators in the curriculum planning process.

As librarians use the PHD Laser+, its LCD (liquid crystal display) screen reveals helpful information such as last number scanned, error messages, amount of memory remaining, and low battery or memory. The unit is powered by a single, inexpensive 9-volt alkaline battery; an optional NiCad battery pack and charging unit is available.

Beginning in March 1997, the PHD Laser+ will be available for use with Follett Software's MS-DOS Circulation Plus v1.50 and above; it will also be operable with the first version of Circulation Plus for Windows (v3.00), expected to be released during the 1997/98 school year.

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