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LibLynx -- WorldWideWeb site for the SUNY Morrisville College

[July 26, 1994]


Copyright (c) 1994 Morrisville College

The purpose of our service is to provide our users at Morrisville with an easy interface to library resources on our campus and to Internet resources. The name LibLynx comes from Library and Lynx (which is the WorldWideWeb, or WWW, client our service uses). To access LibLynx you also must have a WWW client on your computer system. Check with your computer center. Lynx and other WWW tools such as Mosaic allow users to browse the Internet easily through the use of hypertext links which connect resources.

A portion of the menu below is the opening menu for our public OPAC terminals. (The links are bolded.) We limited it so that most users would gain access only to specific sites and services. I also disabled the "Go" function which allows the user to go to any Universal Resource Locator (or URL, the electronic address or location of information).

                                  WELCOME TO LIBLYNX

        If you are a new user, press RETURN key here.

        To send a comment about this service, press the RETURN key here

                                LIBRARY INFORMATION AND RESOURCES

          * Library Online Catalog (replaces the card catalog)
          * Help Files & other information for the Library
          * SUNY Library Catalogs (same as ours) based on Multilis
          * Other Libraries.
          * New York State Regional Weather Forecasts.
          * UnCover -- Search TABLES OF CONTENTS of MAGAZINES.
          * Electronic Desktop Reference Set
          * "What They're Reading on College Campuses," a new list
            of best-selling books in college bookstores, compiled
            by The Chronicle.


          * College Wide Information Services from all areas of
             the college


         * INTERNET based Information & Resources around the world
         * Course Related Resources on the Internet
         * New or Changed Resources
         * Electronic Books, Newspapers, Journals and electronic
           sources related to libraries
To see for yourself, use this URL --


Who set it up?

Lynx is available on the Internet as shareware. It allows text- only systems such as the VAX to access files over the Internet that are in WWW format (called HTML - short for hypertext markup language). I installed Lynx myself. The most recent version uses our gopher server to access the files. This allows users outside of the Morrisville campus to access it. The current VMS gopher server can handle HTML documents very well. Craig Brown of Computer Services performed the necessary system set-up to make LibLynx available to all our users.

How was it set up?

The hardest part of setting up LibLynx was learning the HTML format and commands. Once that is learned it is a relatively simple task to create the files in a plain ascii text editor. I used the VAX editor EVE with a special setup for entering HTML symbols and formatting. After creating the HTML file, the next step is to move it to the proper directory and configure it for the proper levels of access. The set-up also allows me to install updates to the Lynx software without requiring the help of the computer center.

Current and Future Uses

Currently, LibLynx allows our users to access help files for the library, our online catalog (multiLIS), an electronic ILL request form, and similar functions. It also allows access to many Internet resources. One major purpose of LibLynx is to help our students and faculty access information in subject areas taught here. This is done under the course related-menu. When requested, I will assemble Internet resources that pertain to a particular course or program. This may include online library catalogs, listserv discussion groups, WWW pages (a screen with default settings and addresses of information sources), gophers, and other items. In this way we are slowly and methodically building a virtual library that reflects the needs of our students and faculty. Eventually, the system will migrate from being housed on a gopher server to a true World Wide Web server. As we replace VAX terminals with microcomputers with direct connections to the Internet, we will start using Mosaic or another graphics-driven program in addition to Lynx. The future is really only limited by our imaginations.

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