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Funding to join SOLINET; use OCLC

State Library funds massive retrospective conversion project involving SUS and public libraries

SUS libraries continue retrospective conversion projects via local funds and grants

Centrally generated RFP for separate online systems (primarily for circulation); awarded to CLSI

UF did not accept system citing inability to support UF size and functional needs (e.g., no MARC format support)

UF acquired and implemented NOTIS software

SUS libraries seek funding for automation upgrades

Legislature appropriates $3.4 million for:

  • Establishment of a center
  • Hiring nine staff members
  • Buying hardware
  • Building databases


  • Use same software for all nine universities (whether shared or not was fiscal decision)
  • Use existing data centers and telecommunications network

  • FCLA Activities

  • FCLA funded
  • FCLA Advisory Board appointed
  • UF library donates staff and space
  • Data roundup begins: 10 years of cataloging and recon records
  • Search for permanent space begins
  • Contract negotiations with Northeast Regional Data Center (NERDC) begin
  • New positions approved and job searches begin
  • Site visits for equipment needs and site preparation begin
  • Orders are generated for $2 million+ in equipment and furniture
  • Technical Services Committee established
  • First FCLA staff member hired (User Services Librarian)
  • Three UF library programmers transfer to FCLA (one to be Assistant Director for Computing Services)
  • Business manager begins
  • Data loading based on UF specs begins
  • Site visits for individual data load specs begin
  • FCLA Director and Assistant Director for Library Services positions filled
  • Staff moves to permanent space

    FY ends with FCLA in new quarters; with eight of nine positions filled; at least one terminal per university installed; and test databases loaded; use level peaked at 1 million transactions in April and is averaging 750,000 online transactions/month.

  • 85/86
  • Plan developed and approved for expending approx. $1 million for authority control services, bibliographic recon, and MARC holdings creation
  • Public Services Committee established
  • Monthly composite OCLC subscription tape begun for ongoing data loads
  • RFP for authority conversion distributed
  • Bids for authority conversion let to BNA
  • SOLINET MARC holdings workshop
  • 3.5 million bib records shipped to BNA
  • Databases for UCF, FAU, and FIU loaded
  • SOLINET training in LAMBDA system conducted
  • NOTIS 4.0 installed
  • One more programmer position filled
  • Two more user services librarians hired
  • FSU and UWF databases loaded
  • First issue of newsletter issued
  • OPAC component name chosen: LUIS
  • Scanmasters delivered and installed for ILL use
  • FAMU database loaded
  • Bibliographic and authority records from BNA start arriving
  • USF and UNF databases loaded

    FY ends with all databases loaded with all available OCLC backlog data (3.3 million records); equipment installed (700+ terminals); and use level averaging 1.1 million CICS transactions/month with a peak in April of 1.7 million.

  • 86/87
  • Circulation system implemented at UF
  • OPERIDs for dial-access validated for all SUS libraries
  • First joint meeting of Technical & Public Services Committees; 1986/87 Workplan developed
  • LUIS Inauguration statewide: grand openings, ribbon-cuttings, contests, and honored guests
  • SUS switches to bi-weekly OCLC composite tape and regular tape-load schedule
  • All bibliographic files overlaid with BNA-processed data (i.e., changed records)
  • CICS 1.7 installed enabling all SUS terminals (i.e., non-library; approx. 10,000) access to LUIS without being in NERDC's tables
  • 2.3 million authority records loaded into nine databases
  • Two new programmer lines is filled
  • LCSH loaded into reference database
  • Dial-access operids for LUIS access made available to community college, school district, public, private-academic, and special libraries (no charge for computer time)
  • Merged two UF processing units into one
  • Implementation of PC-based OCLC/NOTIS Interface system (ONI) for uploading OCLC bib and authority records
  • Continued loading of various recon, major microfilm, and more BNA-processed data
  • One-third of the UF locations were changed to "sci" for the opening of the new Central Science Library; materials from five separate buildings merged into one
  • NOTIS 4.3 went into production
  • New 3720 telecommunications processor installed at FSU to divert lines from NWRDC to come directly to NERDC
  • LUIS public catalog terminals now automatically log-on and lock into institution's database

    FY ends with 4.1 million bibliographic records; CICS transactions were averaging 3.9 million with a March peak of 5.7 million; monthly dial-access use is averaging approx. 100,000; system availability was 98.7% of scheduled service hours; internal response time: 98.6% of all transactions executed within .11 seconds

  • 87/88
  • NOTIS 4.4 installed July 4 weekend; system was down 7/3 - 7/4; LUIS and CIRC resumed 7/5, full operations 7/6
  • FAMU's terminals rerouted through the 3720 at FSU
  • 3720 installed at FAU; FIU lines rerouted through it too
  • Circulation implemented at USF, UNF, FSU-Law, UF-Health Center; USF-Medical
  • NOFA implemented at FIU (partially) and USF
  • Online "tickler" file implemented
  • EM file setup for FCLA and library staff electronic mail
  • UCF controllers re-routed directly to NERDC, by-passing UCF data center
  • Serials check-in workshop held; several libraries begin using this function
  • FIU location codes and names changed to reflect campus name changes (involved table and data changes)
  • Fiscal Assistant position filled
  • New and changed author, title and standard number entries merged into indexes nightly
  • Substantial changes to LC call number indexing result in 293,000 fewer entries in the "other" index
  • Reference Database Sub-Committee appointed to study and recommend strategies for access to other databases
  • The Post Secondary Education Planning Commission is charged by the Legislature to study FCLA's mission, governance, and scope
  • Single processing unit split into two separate units for UF
  • Health (HC and JX) and USF (SF and SA)
  • Loaded non-duplicate GPO data for FAMU, FAU, FIU, USF; specs in process for UF and UWF
  • First Global Change run: 38,092 records changed in 10 databases for 46 obsolete subject headings
  • Institution name appears on each LUIS screen software
  • Numerous software changes and fixes to NOFA and data integrity fixes to fund, order, invoice records
  • ONI enhanced to handle M300 save screen data and USMARC data from approval plan vendors uploaded via diskettes
  • Prototype of union author and title indexes operational in test with implementation scheduled for Summer 1988
  • LAMBDA display data loaded into VHLD records
  • Functional specs for creating, loading, storing, and maintaining MFHL data developed

    FY ends with over 5 million bib records in the database; a peak CICS transaction count of 8.6 million of which 63% were LUIS (in March 1988; 150% increase over the same month in 1987); a monthly average of 6.4 million transactions; 1000+ terminals installed; dial-access use averaging 150,000/month; system availability averaged 99.5% and internal response time continued at former levels with over 98% of transactions performing at less than .12 seconds. Some analyses performed this year indicate that an average logical search requires 5 CICS transactions.

  • 88/89
  • Union author and title index operational
  • Locked-in terminal timeout operational
  • Circulation module implemented at FAMU, FAU, FIU, SFCC
  • Government Documents and Major Microforms authority records merged
  • FSU Science Library move
  • Installed 3720 at USF
  • New ONI sessions for FSU and UF
  • MFHL extract program developed
  • New LUIS remote access clear and logoff commands
  • NOFA fund data validation
  • Subfield h bracket resolution
  • MFHL Phase I programs completed
  • Install NOTIS 4.5
  • Deletion of non-LC authorities
  • Implement circulation at FSU and UCF
  • Implement course reserve online
  • Batch Processing Support (JOBPOST)
  • Move office to new facilities
  • Acquisitions implemented at FAMU, FAU and FSU
  • New librarian position filled

    FY ends all libraries using circulation, 5.4 million bibliographic records in the database; and a new CICS peak in March of 10.6 10.6 million transactions with a monthly average of 8.3 million. For all intents and purpose, the original FCLA 5-Year Plan is is complete: the SUS libraries are implemented on NOTIS.

  • 89/90
  • Conversion of VHLD records to new MHLD format (356,000 records)
  • Name Authority Update service
  • Continued loading of Major Microform tapes
  • Installation of NOTIS version 4.5.1
  • LUIS access to call number and standard number (e.g., LCCN, ISBN) indexes
  • Load UNF's database of selected Florida Times Union article citations
  • MHLD online derive/overlay function
  • Merged Headings Index (MHI) software installed in techmode -- new indexes generated (for display of cross-references and online updating of indexes)
  • NOTIS 4.6 installed
  • MHI-LUIS developed, tested, and implemented
  • Union index recreated in MHI format
  • Record extraction software enhanced for full MFHL output
  • Batch update of MHI indexes for tapeloaded and ONI interfaced records
  • Enhancement to enable renumbering of receipt, memo and note statements in order records
  • Enhancement to online HAS command in circulation
  • Begin the OCLC GOVDOC service for ongoing records

    FY ended with all subsystems in use where desired; 6.3 million bibliographic records in the database; and a new CICS peak of 13.3 million transactions in March (7.4 million of which were LUIS) for a monthly average of 10.6 million. The 1990 circulation statistics were: 1.8 million charges and 445,000 renewals. The major accomplishments of the year were MFHL conversion and MHI implementation, both projects required considerable personnel resources for programming and user support.

  • 90/91
  • Automatically renumber R, M and N statements
  • Enhance HAS command
  • External Billing transfer report
  • Loaded MeSH test file
  • Dynamic update of standard number indexes
  • Creation of union standard number index
  • Dynamic update of union standard number index
  • Dynamic update of union author/title index
  • ONI Conversion to handle new OCLC system "export"
  • Generate Keyword Index project
  • Search keyword project
  • Convert techmode search to pseudo-conversational

    FY91 ended with 6.8 million bib records, a monthly transaction average of 11.8 million and a November peak of 15.3 million. The major accomplishment was the development of the keyword search engine and the conversion of all the other indexes to real-time updating thus freeing the batch update window from frequent index regens.

  • 91/92
  • LUIS keyword project (LUIS/keyword connection)
  • Proximity subroutine development
  • ERIC load
  • Expenditures by class report
  • Test TAPE command for record extraction
  • CIRC backup via NOW!
  • Implement passwordless signon
  • Boolean operation subroutines
  • IAC EAI and Business backfile load
  • 5.0.2 LUIS Project
  • GUIDE and INDEX mods
  • Search redirection
  • Standard # index in OPAC
  • 69X, 655, 752 added to control table
  • Separate LUIS screens for citation dbs & OPACs
  • Keyword integration
  • Patron messages display
  • STOP/START; LUIS/MENU commands
  • "Shelve by title" note fix
  • "Restricted circ" message
  • PU name on bib display
  • Subfield h in brackets
  • "Continued on next screen" upper cased
  • Fix SuDoc call # index and search
  • "Charged" changed to "On loan"
  • Added X and TJ searches
  • 5.0 index display modifications
  • Incorporate 4.6 index into 5.0 LUIS
  • Convert all databases to conform to 5.0
  • Load CRL as separate database and delete from FSU
  • Wilson ASTI and BAI load

    FY92 ended with a 7.3 million OPAC bib records and 5.6 million citation records. It took five years to top 5 million OPAC records but only one to beat that in citations. The CICS transaction monthly average was 13.7 million with March's peak at 18.4 million. The major accomplishments were implementing LUIS 5.0 and loading five citation databases in LUIS.

  • 92/93
  • ERIC and IAC reloads especially for 5.0
  • Sea Turtles database
  • Enhance menu system for institution customization
  • 5.0 OPAC improvements including long GUIDE screen
  • Display of A23 notes in brief/long view

    FY93 ended with 7.4 million OPAC records (normal increases were offset by the deletion of the CRL records from FSU). The citation databases totaled 6.6 million. CICS transactions averaged 16.9 million per month with March again being the peak month at 22.8 million. The dramatic increase is due to the increased popularity of the citation databases. Much of this year was spent on the preparatory work for projects that completed the next year.

  • 93/94
  • NATC project to count call numbers
  • Install A-NET for 3270/VT100 gateway emulation
  • Convert CIRC macro assembler code to command
  • Convert techmode to CICS command
  • MESH 1993 loads complete
  • Implement A-NET for RLIN and UnCover access
  • FORMIS database
  • Generic "local record" ONI option (includes RLIN)
  • Florida Documents database from FAU kwic data
  • ONI online dynamic update
  • Load PsycInfo database
  • FL Statutes - 1993 prototype
  • Search limiting by Processing Unit
  • Hook-to-holdings
  • Load Compendex Plus database
  • Load PsycInfo book chapters
  • Develop Proximity operators for keyword
  • Load Books-in-Print database
  • Load Current Contents database

    FY94's OPAC bib count was 7.9 million with the citation counts almost doubling to 14.1 million due to the loading of four major major databases. Monthly transaction averages shot up again to 18.7 million again with a March peak of 24.5 million. This was a year for databases and connectivity with the implementation of the LUIS menu gateways to RLIN and Uncover.

  • 94/95
  • Florida Statutes (1993 data)
  • Store USERIDs in all records (for security)
  • ACQ Enhancement: Jump to o/p/r stmt 99 function
  • ACQ Enhancement: Display loc/call# on o/p/r
  • Eliminate terminal security on LTxx
  • Keyword searching in tech
  • mode
  • Boolean Search limits (date, format, lang)
  • Online ONI installation
  • Multiple KWB truncation
  • CARL UnCover holdings loads
  • Florida Entomologist online
  • Load PsycInfo backfile
  • Load Medline (1992 - to date) database
  • Load Wilson's ILP database
  • Load Wilson's ART database
  • Load LC NAF backfile
  • Tag table modifications for format integration
  • Reload BIP in MARC format
  • Installation of LAN wiring for new PCs begun

    FY95: 8.3 million OPAC bib records; 15.5 million citation records. Monthly CICS transaction average 20.4 million; March peak of 27.1 million. Major accomplishments: three more databases; long-awaited enhancements to keyword searching; and the beginning of Format Format Integration conversion. Also this year: begin investigation of feasibility of using IBM Digital Library products and the start of the LAN wiring for connecting PCs to LUIS as part of the new FCLA 5-Year Plan.

  • 95/96
  • Circ stats by call number using NATC ranges
  • Implement NOTIS 5.1.2 mods
  • Load UMI's ABI/Inform database
  • Load UMI's Dissertation Abstracts database
  • Load BOOP MARC records in BIP database
  • Load Wilson 6-pack databases
  • Load WILSON ASTI & ART abstracts
  • TOC index for Current Contents
  • TOC index for IAC General Academic & Business
  • LUIS course reserve indexes: rc=,ri=,ra=,rt=
  • Course reserve index--dynamic indexing
  • LUIS display of unlinked items in course reserves
  • Delete old course reserve indexes
  • Location limiting in keyword searches
  • Location Group limiting in keyword searches
  • Complete pseudo-conversational code rewrite
  • TAPE Command for multi-PU institutions
  • Santa Fe files closed (they've moved to CCLA)
  • VITLS for 5.1.2
  • Begin Acquisitions DB2 project
  • Unit cost report out of the DB2 project
  • Download/Print Phase 1 to email
  • Browse of keyword index (command is bk=)
  • Format Integration completed
  • Medline Authority file references now displaying
  • LUIS view with holding/status in techmode
  • WebPortal (web 3270 emulator)
  • FCLA Homepage developed for:
  • FCLA/SUS committee minutes and reports
  • FCLA staff user documentation
  • FCLA statistics
  • Install ERL server software at NERDC on SP/2
  • Load CINAHL on ERL
  • Indexes vendor/invoice/fund/order records
  • Continued installation of LAN wiring and begin purchase and installation of PCs

    FY96 milestones: 8.7 million OPAC bib records; 21.7 million citation records in over 20 databases; average monthly CICS transactions of 21.7 million and a peak in November of 28.1 million (almost an average of a million a day). Major accomplishments: loading of three more databases; Table-of- Contents Index for Current Contents; Course Reserve function in LUIS; location limiting; search results to email addresses; LUIS view in techmode and beginning of WebLUIS development.

  • 96/97
  • Load IAC EAI and Business ASCII full-text
  • Extend NERLUIS hours almost 24 hours a day
  • OPAC load modifications to handle alternate cataloging sources for outsourcing (e.g. Blackwell and Yankee)
  • Load Bowker Distributor/Publisher database
  • WinONI (Windows
  • based ONI with tcp/ip)

    Milestones already: loading 1.4 million ASCII journal articles linked to the two IAC databases and making LUIS available almost 24 hours a day. Coming soon: WebLUIS access.

  • NOTE: over a three-year period, FCLA staff significantly modified the NOTIS code so that it can run with the most current IBM system to take full advantage of system resources. This required converting the CICS transactions to pseudo-conversational code and rewriting the software from Macro-level Assembler code to Command level. These changes were given back to Ameritech Library Systems to be incorporated into the base NOTIS package. This project was done at the same time many new features and functions were being added to the LUIS/NOTIS system.
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