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New software from Axis Communications gives users instant access to all network-attached CD/DVDS:: Brings "one-point" desktop access to all CDs on the enterprise network

Press Release: Axis Communications, Inc. [August 3, 1998]

Copyright (c) 1998 Axis Communications, Inc.

Woburn, MA ­ August 3, 1998 ­ Axis Communications, Inc. has developed its AXIS StorPoint Disco software to make it easy for users to see and use all CDs and DVDs networked by AXIS StorPoint CD servers on their department or enterprise networks. AXIS StorPoint Disco automatically locates and presents CD/DVD titles in one folder on the user's desktop. This "one-point" access to all networked CD/DVDs no matter where they are located is a simple yet powerful tool for end users, and relieves administrators from end users asking where to find networked data.

AXIS StorPoint Disco also allows users to create unlimited customized folders where optical storage from any server can be logically grouped for future easy access. This is especially helpful in networks where there may be hundreds of CDs on dozens of networked CD towers and the user commonly uses a small subset for particular applications. Rather than search the entire network or map CD servers to scarce drive letters, the user keeps his or her most used CDs in a single folder.

Designed for Small to Mid-Size Networks

"IDC has identified network attached storage as a high growth market," commented Wolfgang Schlichting, research manager, removable storage at International Data Corporation. "As a leader in network attached CD towers, Axis strengthens the trend to content-centric on-line storage with its AXIS StorPoint Disco software."

According to Charles Kronauer, senior product marketing manager at Axis Communications, Inc., "This software significantly broadens the appeal of having multiple networked AXIS StorPoint storage devices. Users do not have to remember server names to locate the discs. Administrators do not have to be concerned about a single point of failure as they do with server-dependent solutions, and they can be comfortable in distributing network-attached CD servers around the organization. No matter where the servers are, the CDs are always available through one folder.²

Disco Brings Point-and-Click Access to Networked Removable Storage

On startup, the AXIS StorPoint Disco client software automatically searches the network for Axis-based CD servers, from tower manufacturers such as Procom, Boffin, Meridian Data, MDI, TAC, SMS and JES. The software presents users with a single folder marked ³Network Storage² which contains all networked CD/DVDs. Users can sort and navigate to particular CD/DVDs through a familiar Windows-integrated interface that allows for point-and-click folder access to all the removable media on the network no matter where it is located. The software is installed in a matter of seconds via an installation wizard on Microsoft Windows 95/98 or NT clients. No server-based software is involved. Users can opt to access the AXIS StorPoint CD information either through a desktop shortcut or through Windows Explorer.

In addition, users can employ automatic dynamic mapping, i.e. using one drive letter for a group of CDs, to reduce the number of drive letters needed to easily access all their networked resources.

Enterprise Scalability Without Sacrificing Flexibility

With AXIS StorPoint Disco, administrators can be comfortable scaling their network-attached CD/DVD servers to the entire enterprise, adding valuable CD-ROM data for specialized or broad-based applications.

The AXIS StorPoint CD solution can support very large numbers of users simultaneously. With AXIS StorPoint Disco, these users across the enterprise will have a convenient way of finding and organizing their CDs. They will never lose track of data, even if CDs get moved to another networked tower. For the network manager, distribution of AXIS StorPoint Disco is simple as well. It can be sent to end users as an e-mail attachment and does not require IT support for installation or use. of traditional resources such as printers, storage devices and scanners.

Pricing and Availability

AXIS StorPoint Disco software is available now for free as a download from the company's web site (, and it will be available from all of the Axis Total Solution Providers that use the AXIS StorPoint CD connectivity server.

Axis Offers File Server-Independent Networked Storage Solution

AXIS StorPoint CD servers allow network users to simultaneously share information stored on CD/DVDs, regardless of computer system. The thin servers connect drives and towers directly to Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Token Ring LANs. The AXIS StorPoint CD servers do not need an intermediate file server or any additional software, making them ideal for workgroups and enterprises that want to store, access, remove and exchange large amounts of data quickly without creating excess network traffic.

AXIS ThinServer Technology Is the Backbone

Like all Axis products, the AXIS StorPoint product family leverages Axis¹ own ThinServer Technology, which allows any peripheral device to be accessed and used by multiple clients using virtually any desktop and network operating system. Axis¹ approach integrates all network functionality into Axis products by combining streamlined versions of major operating systems such as Windows NT, NetWare, OS/2, UNIX and the Internet with an optimized 32-bit RISC hardware platform and Web management interface.

At the core of the ThinServer Technology is Axis¹ ETRAX processor. Unlike general-purpose processors, ETRAX is specifically designed for embedded network systems that place high demands on input/output performance while keeping system costs down.

About Axis Communications

Axis Communications is a leader in the fast growing industry of directly attached network peripherals. The company designs and manufactures network-attached storage devices, CD-ROM servers, digital cameras, scan servers and print servers based on its ThinServer Technology. These Web-enabled products provide users a cost-effective means to access data and applications, with outstanding performance and ease-of-use.

Founded in 1984, Axis Communications has its headquarters in Lund, Sweden with offices in the United States, Asia and Europe, and employs 300 people worldwide. The company's Web site is found at

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