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Microtest announces CD recording capability and Macintosh support in DiscZerver™ Technology thin servers

Copyright (c) 1999 Microtest, Inc.

(Phoenix, January 19, 1999) - Microtest Inc. (NASDAQ: MTST) today announced that its CD/DVD-ROM sharing products featuring DiscZerver technology have been upgraded with CD recording and Macintosh support capabilities. DiscPortVT, DiscPort2 and DiscZerver are the first attach-and access thin servers in the industry to offer a networked CD recording feature.

DiscZerver technology products, introduced in spring 1998, provide a solution for every workgroup CD/DVD-ROM networking need. DiscPortVT is an all-in-one solution, containing an internal hard disk drive for storing up to 28 full CD-ROM images. DiscPort2 is a plug-and-play version that allows connection of up to seven SCSI devices and requires an external hard drive for storage. DiscZerver, the integration model, is designed to fit easily into a standard tower configured with up to seven SCSI devices and 4 IDE devices.

With Version 2.0 of DiscZerver technology, Microtest introduces a feature unique from other CD/DVD-ROM networking products available in the industry. Networked CD-R (recording) capability allows users to tailor and create their own Windows-formatted CDs simply by selecting the files they desire from various locations on a network, publishing them on the unit's hard drive and then recording them on the actual CD. The CD-R feature greatly expands the flexibility of the DiscZerver line of products. Potential uses include a legal application in which an attorney creates CDs containing research materials, brings a DiscPortVT into the courtroom, and attaches it to a laptop PC in place of bulky crates of paper files. Now network users can create CDs easily and cost effectively through a shared CD recorder connected to the DiscZerver.

Also introduced with DiscZerver Version 2.0, Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) support for Macintosh provides CD networking to an entirely new group of DiscZerver users and makes DiscZerver truly platform independent. In addition to the ability to connect DiscZerver products to AFP networks, Macintosh users can now read Hierarchical File System (HFS), ISO 9660 and ISO/HFS hybrid CDs. The servers also now support from 125 to 255 concurrent users, and the number of simultaneously mounted volumes has been increased from 127 to 248 for even greater flexibility and scalability. Also with version 2.0, DiscZerver products now offer individual users the ability to select one of nine built-in languages, making it possible for all nine languages to be used simultaneously in a multi-lingual environment.

DiscZerver products are increasing productivity in a variety of environments, including legal, education and libraries. DiscZerver makes CD and DVD-based information available to simultaneous users, eliminating the expense of purchasing multiple copies and the inconvenience of waiting for a particular CD to be freed up.

"DiscPortVT has been a tremendous asset to our school," said Doug Ellsworth, Media Specialist at Irving Elementary School in Mesa, Arizona, which uses DiscPortVT in classrooms and in its library to provide Macintosh and PC-based encyclopedias, creative writing and reading applications, math software and a chess learning game. "It provides an opportunity for an entire class of students to work on the same things at the same time. Every single student can be sitting there hitting the same encyclopedia, but researching entirely different topics."

DiscZerver thin servers feature fast image creation of CD and DVD-ROM content to hard drives, which increases access speed. They include a remote load utility, which allows users to cache a CD's contents to a DiscZerver from a remote workstation, and all three products offer browser-based management and DVD support. DiscZerver products provide support for 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, the advantage of operating independently of client and server, and easy connection to all the commonly used file sharing networks in use today.

DiscPortVT, DiscZerver and DiscPort2 product kits come complete with hardware and software, user guide and companion CD containing the remote load utility, an FTP utility, localized manuals, and Internet browser. The DiscZerver integration model and DiscPort2 list for $995. DiscPortVT is listed at $1,995 for the seven-CD model, $2,495 for the 14-CD model, and $2,995 for the 28-CD model. DiscPortVT, DiscPort2 and DiscZerver are available through authorized Microtest distributors and resellers worldwide. For sales information, call Microtest at 1-800-526-9675 or visit

Founded in 1984, Microtest is a leading worldwide manufacturer of diagnostic certification and connectivity products for networks. Microtest's mission is to make information technology easy to apply. The Company has pioneered several networking products, such as CABLE SCANNER, COMPAS, PentaScanner, OMNIScanner and DiscPort. Microtest is headquartered at 4747 North 22nd. Street, Phoenix, AZ. Microtest's European Centers of Excellence are located at 2A Kingfisher House, Northwood Park, Gatwick Road, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 2XN, United Kingdom. Microtest's stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol MTST. Microtest's web site is located at

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