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Microtest announces enhanced capabilities and increased capacity for DiscZerver CD/DVD-ROM thin servers

Copyright (c) 1999 Microtest, Inc.

(Phoenix, May 24, 1999) - Microtest Inc. (NASDAQ: MTST) today announced the availability of new software for its DiscZerver CD/DVD-ROM-sharing thin servers that provides NetWare NDS support and the ability to support a larger variety of qualified CD-Recordable (CD-R) devices for its custom CD creation feature. Additionally, Microtest has streamlined the thin servers' product names in an effort to strengthen the "DiscZerver" brand and clarify customer choices and has added a 49-CD model to the product line.

DiscZerver thin servers are available in three versions, providing solutions for a variety of CD/DVD-ROM networking scenarios in workgroups. DiscZerverVT, formerly known as DiscPortVT, is an all-in-one solution containing an internal hard disk drive for storing CD-ROM images. DiscZerver external model, formerly the DiscPort2, is a plug-and-play version that allows connection of up to seven SCSI devices and requires an external hard drive for storage. DiscZerver internal integration model is designed to fit easily into a standard tower configured with up to seven SCSI devices and 4 IDE devices.

With Version 3.0 of DiscZerver software, Microtest introduces NDS authentication capability. This feature simplifies DiscZerver and DiscZerverVT administration by allowing network administrators to use their native NetWare tools to set up security parameters.

Also announced with DiscZerver version 3.0 is compatibility with a greater number of CD-Recordable devices for its CD publishing feature, which allows users to create file-by-file custom CDs or duplicates of entire CDs. DiscZervers now can be used with some of the newest and fastest CD-R devices available. For all users, the CD-R capability now supports up to 8X write speeds with version 3.0.

Macintosh users, who previously were unable to utilize DiscZerver's ability to create custom-tailored CDs, now can utilize a third-party CD imaging application and FTP the images to the DiscZerver for shared access and publishing to CD-R.

Microtest also has added a new model, the DiscZerverVT- 49, which extends the internal caching capacity to approximately 49 CDs and provides greater flexibility in choosing a CD/DVD-ROM networking and caching solution.

DiscZerver thin servers feature fast image creation of CD and DVD-ROM content to hard drives, which increases access speed for multiple users. A remote load utility allows users to cache a CD's contents to a DiscZerver from a remote workstation, and CD content can be accessed while image creation is taking place either locally or remotely. All three thin servers offer browser-based management and DVD support. DiscZerver products provide support for 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, the advantage of operating independently of client and server, and easy connection to all the commonly used file sharing networks in use today.

DiscZerverVT and DiscZerver product kits come complete with hardware and software, user guide and companion CD containing the remote load utility, an FTP utility, localized manuals, and Internet browser. The DiscZerver internal and external models list for $995. DiscZerverVT is listed at $1,995 for the seven-CD model, $2,495 for the 14-CD model, $2,995 for the 28-CD model and $3,495 for the 49-CD model. DiscZerver and DiscZerverVT are available through authorized Microtest distributors and resellers worldwide. The new version will begin shipping in June, 1999. For sales information, call Microtest at 1-800-526-9675 or visit

Founded in 1984, Microtest is a leading worldwide developer of network test and measurement and network attached storage products for local area and enterprise networks. Microtest's mission is to be the leader of easy-to-use networking products that bring value, convenience, and reliability to our customers. The Company has pioneered several networking products, such as OmniScanner?, PentaScanner?, CertiFiber? and DiscPort?. Microtest is headquartered at 4747 North 22nd Street, Phoenix, Arizona. Microtest's European offices are located in Munich, Germany and Crawley, United Kingdom.

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