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NOTIS introduces Open Systems-based Management System

Press Release: Ameritech Library Services [June 27, 1993]

Copyright (c) 1993 Ameritech Library Services

Abstract: NOTIS announces its new client/server library automation system which will be called NOTIS Horizon.

New Orleans -- NOTIS Systems, Inc. today announced NOTIS Horizon, a client/server information management system for UNIX- based platforms. This new system fits with the campus computing direction of libraries and offers expanded access to unlimited information sources.

NOTIS Horizon incorporates all of the open systems requirements for the next generation of library management systems including Z39.50 compliance, client/server architecture, UNIX hardware, and graphical user interfaces. NOTIS Horizon is the first library automation system built around Z39.50, assuring connectivity to many information sources. It delivers capabilities and technologies that give libraries the freedom to choose their future directions.

"We have leapfrogged to the cutting edge of library automation with this system. NOTIS Horizon includes a complete library automation system plus it gives libraries more options today and expandability into the future," says Jane Burke, President of NOTIS.

Its design is the client/server architecture, where functions of a system are divided into clients (which access data) and servers (which store and manage data) . This separation allows for a mix of machines and the flexibility to adopt future technologies. For patrons, it means access to many information sources using a single interface.

Patrons and staff will find searching many information sources easy to learn with the system's graphical user interfaces. Little training is needed to become familiar with NOTIS Horizons' Windows-based graphical client, ProPAC.

With the UNIX-based NOTIS Horizon system, libraries can take advantage of many lower cost hardware and data storage choices. The system runs on Digital Equipment's Alpha, SUN SPARCstation, and IBM RS/6000.

"NOTIS Horizon is the result of much in-depth research and communication. We continually talk with our library sites to understand their challenges and then work as partners to develop open systems that support their needs today and allows them to incorporate new technologies and capabilities as they become available," says Burke.

NOTIS Horizon will begin Alpha testing in July of this year. The test site will be Carnegie Mellon University.

NOTIS Systems, Inc., Evanston, IL is a leading provider of information systems for libraries. NOTIS is a subsidiary of Ameritech Information Systems.

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