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NOTIS announces database server for expanded patron access

Press Release: NOTIS Systems, Inc. [June 28,1992]

Copyright (c) 1992 NOTIS Systems, Inc.

Abstract: NOTIS Systems, Inc. announces a Unix-based supplemental database product called InfoBase. This product allowed other databases to be searched through the same interface as the NOTIS online catalog. The InfoBase server communicates through a NOTIS system through the Z39.50 protocol. [This version of InfoBase used OCLC''s Newton as its search engine and the TCP/IP to APPC Gateway (TAG) software developed at Yale. NOTIS failed to win a trademark on this name and later changed the name to InfoShare.]

SAN FRANCISCO ---Sunday, June 28,1992. NOTIS Systems, Inc. today announced lnfoBase, a powerful information storage and retrieval system for UNIX-based computer systems.

InfoBase offers a cost-effective way for mounting and accessing local databases. It uses a powerful, full feature search engine and is built on Z39.50 communication protocols. InfoBase 's high performance configuration allows multiple simultaneous users to access online databases on affordable UNIX platforms.

InfoBase offers libraries greater system flexibility and substantially lower cost storage options, while they offer patrons more access to information. According to John Kolman, NOTIS Vice President of Systems Development, "UNIX data storage; either CD-ROM or magnetic, is a proven, affordable technology. InfoBase gives libraries a way to reduce their storage costs for local databases."

InfoBase has a fully functional search engine that supports Boolean search, proximity and adjacency functions. The same search techniques are used to access all databases.

InfoBase is implemented using the Z39.50 intersystem retrieval protocol. This assures interoperability with a variety of clients. For existing NOTIS customers, InfoBase provides full compatibility with the online catalog, including hook to serial holdings for citation databases. Any institution with a Z39.50 client may also access InfoBase, either on the campus Ethernet or across the Internet.

InfoBase is the first Z39.50 server designed to index and deliver large databases efficiently. It offers libraries greater system flexibility and expanded patron access at an affordable cost.

NOTIS Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated information systems for academic libraries. Its products provide automation for a wide range of library functions and are supported by a variety of customer service programs. NOTIS is a subsidiary of Ameritech Information Systems.

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Publication Year:1992
Type of Material:Press Release
Language English
Issue:June 28,1992
Publisher:NOTIS Systems, Inc.
Place of Publication:Evanston, IL
Notes:The name of this product was evenutally changed to InfoShare. (Couldn''d get trademark).
Company: NOTIS Systems, Inc.
Products: NOTIS
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