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Endeavor Information Systems company milestones.


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May 1994Netscape Communications incorporated.
June 20, 1994"Company A" discontinues support for one of its client/server library management systems.
Late June 1994Endeavor founders, many of whom had a lot of free time, meet to discuss forming a new company.
July 1994Design work begins for new Voyager system.
September 1994Endeavor Information Systems, Incorporated chartered and authorized to transact business.
October 1994Michigan Technological University commits to Endeavor's Voyager.
November 1994 Rider University commits to Endeavor's Voyager.
January 1995At the ALA Midwinter Conference in Philadelphia, Endeavor introduces the "Endeavor Casual" dress code and forever changes the way vendors look at (and in) conference attire.
May 1995Kansas State University commits to Endeavor's Voyager.
June 1995Company "V" announces Virtua.
July 1995At the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, Endeavor, clad in tasteful white polos, unveils Voyager Version 3.0. This brand-new, completely graphical system showed, for the first time, the amazing potential for relevance ranking within a bibliographic database.

Endeavor creates Web Page

September 1995Michigan Tech and Rider University put Voyager cataloging into production.
January 1996Kansas State University, after a successful circulation transaction load, becomes the first customer to put all Voyager modules into full production.
January 1996Voyager Version 3.0 goes into general release.
January 1996Decked in cranberry sweaters, Endeavor arrives in San Antonio for ALA Midwinter with 6 customers committed to Voyager. Also, Endeavor announces a new partnership with IA Systems, and demonstrates an integrated documents management and indexing solution. Company "I" announces Millennium for the next century.
February 1996Endeavor forms the OPAC Task Force, a team of customers and Endeavor developers who are dedicated to enhancing the OPAC for Voyager Release 3.2.
April 1996First official meeting of the Voyager Users' Group in Rosemont, IL with 50 attendees and 13 customers in production with Version 3.0.
May 1996 Version 3.1 goes into beta test. After a three-week period, test is terminated by the beta sites, due to lack of problems. Version 3.1 goes "Gold" and is installed at all customer sites.
July 1996Nattily outfitted in cranberry polo shirts, Endeavor is the "Toast of the Big Apple" at the ALA Annual Conference. Voyager Version 3.2's OPAC, the product of the OPAC Task Force, proves that with over 30 customers behind us, Endeavor is a major player. Innovative announces Millennium, to be available for the year 2000.
August 1996Voyager Release 3.2 goes into beta test. This not insignificant release included:

a port to Oracle

the new, completely customizable OPACs (Windows, WWW and ASCII)

enhanced relevance weighting and full Boolean across all modules

library-defined, "on-the-fly", dynamic keyword index definitions

significant functional enhancements in every module

October 1996Endeavor is profitable at the end of its second fiscal year of operations. The company adopts Lloyd.
November 1996Endeavor, in conjunction with Sun Microsystems and Oracle, benchmarks Voyager Version 3.2 at the Sun Microsystems Tactical Engineering Benchmark Center. Subsecond response times for 500 users on over 2 million records -- over the network -- confirms Voyager's smart design.

Voyager Version 3.2 goes "Gold".

February 1997Endeavor "rocks" Washington, D.C. and the Midwinter ALA Conference in spiffy embroidered turtlenecks. A letter of intent is received in the ALA booth from George Mason University, and an offical contract signing is held for Northwest College.

Company "D" announces an unnamed new system for release in summer 1998.

March 1997 Endeavor posts record sales quarter raising the total number of Voyager customers to 68 (103 libraries).
April 1997Second Annual Voyager Users' Group held in Rosemont, IL. Customer registration is 126, and there are over 40 customers in full production with Voyager. User group requests a different hotel for 1998 meeting, since the largest meeting rooms in the current facility are too crowded and will not hold more than 200 people.
May 15-25, 1997In this 10-day period:

Version 3.2.2, a classic maintenance release, is released to current customers.

The University of Pennsylvania goes into production with Voyager

Syracuse University goes into production with Voyager

The University of Windsor goes into production with Voyager

June 1997Endeavor updates Web Page (Hey, we've been a little busy!).
January 1998Endeavor receives its 120th customer contract.
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