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Implementing Web Applications Using XQuery: XML from Front to Back

[March 16,2012]


Copyright (c) 2012 University of Konstanz

Abstract: With the ever growing amount of XML encoded data readily available in many application domains, the need to efficiently store, process & query these data has become evident. Yet, managing these bits of information is only half the story; bringing data to life by means of deploying data centric applications is just as important. This thesis investigates chances and challenges of deploying and implementing Web Applications in a pure XML technology stack, based exclusively on W3C standards. With this thesis, we claim that application development may be fundamentally simplified by removing the conceptual baggage introduced with popular, modern frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or CakePHP. Inside the pure XML technology stack developers, are neither faced with differing programming paradigms nor will they have to convert their data back and forth between multiple application layers. We support this claim by presenting BaseXWeb, a proof-of-concept application server. Based on the BaseX XM> database and XQuery processor, we describe the implementation and components of a lightweight application framework. The thesis concludes with the evaluation of a proof of concept: a library catalog retrieval system, based on real-world data of the Library of University of Konstanz.

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Publication Year:2012
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Issue:March 16,2012
Publisher:University of Konstanz
Place of Publication:Konstanz, Germany
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