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Copyright (c) 1992 Northwestern University

Abstract: Chronology of the development of the NOTIS automation system at Northwestern University

Early 1960's Planning Committee for new main library building projects development of an automated library support system and provides a room for a dedicated library computer in the plans.

1967 Velma Veneziano is appointed Library Systems Analyst. Dr. James Aagaard from the faculty of Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering joins the project.

Spring 1968 Programming begins.

Summer 1968 Keypunching of nearly 1,000,000 book cards for circulation begins.

January 19, 1970 Circulation module begins successful operation upon the opening of the new main Library building. Self-service checkout terminals are provided. The Library shares the University's Administrative Data Processing computer.

Summer 1970 Conversion of serials information to machine-readable records begins. '

October 4, 1971 Full support of technical services operations is implemented. Acquisitions, serials control and cataloging all rely on the automated system to provide their services. Typewriter terminals are used for input and display. This stage of programming is called Version 2 of the system.

January 15, 1973 Information Systems Development Office (ISDO) created in the Library.

Summer 1974 Cathode-ray-tube terminals replace the typewriter terminals.

Fall 1975 A public terminal is installed to display circulation status information: LCUS Library Circulation User System).

May 1976 The system is named NOTIS (Northwestern Online Total Integrated System). The Garrett Evangelical and Seabury Western theological seminary libraries join the system, using the third version of NOTIS, to form a mini-network.

March 1977 NOTIS-3 is implemented for online monograph records for the whole system.

May 1977 Serials records are converted to NOTIS-3.

July 1, 1977 The National Endowment for the Humanities grants $275,445 to demonstrate the feasibility of distributed components in a national library network.

September 1977 Off-line records are restored to online in NOTIS-3 format. Conversion to the third version of NOTIS is now complete.

May 1978 Transportation Library begins to use NOTIS.

Spring 1978 Input of music scores and phonorecords begins.

May 1979 Input of authority records begins.

Spring 1979 NOTIS is installed at the National Library of Venezuela at the conclusion of a $1.3 million joint bibliographic project.

November 1979 The Library begins operation of its own computer (an IBM 4331).

February 1980 The Medical School library begins using NOTIS.

May 1980 The online public access catalog, LUIS (Library User Information Service) author/title access is introduced.

August 1980 A team of EDUCOM consultants recommends that the University market NOTIS to other libraries. Sales begin.

December 1980 The Law Library begins using NOTIS.

December 31, 1980 Filing of cards in the main author/title catalogs ceases. The online catalog becomes the primary source for bibliographic information.

1981 The University of Florida becomes the first purchaser to install NOTIS, translating the programs to an MVS version from the original VSE.

April 1981 A cable link to the University's academic computing center is established, allowing remote access to LUIS.

June 1981 Subject access is added to LUIS.

July 1, 1981 A grant from the Council on Library Resources funds development of computer-to-computer applications protocols. September 1981. A special office within the Library is established to market the system software. Several sales have already taken place.

December 1983 Jane Burke is appointed Director of the NOTIS marketing department.

March 1985 A new circulation system is implemented, using item records and barcode labels in place of the punched cards. Circulation status information is now integrated in LUIS.

July 7, 1985 James Aagaard and Velma Veneziano receive the Library and Information Technology Association/Gaylord Award for Achievement in Library and Information Technology.

June 1986 The Library of Congress Subject Headings authority file is loaded into NOTIS. A preliminary version of new indexes, including a full cross-reference structure, is made available to staff for testing.

Fall 1986 The Dental Library begins to use NOTIS.

Summer 1986 Medical Library starts to use the new circulation system.

June 1, 1987 A grant from the Council on Library Resources funds implementation of Linked Systems protocols for the interconnection of computer systems.

June 1987 The new reserve control system is implemented for main reserve. LUIS records for reserve are made available at terminals in Main Reserve Room.

September 1987 The marketing department is restructured as NOTIS Systems, Inc., a for-profit corporation owned by the University. Jane Burke becomes President and Chief Operating Officer.

March 1988 Heading conflict detection program is added.

July 1988 The database now contains over 1,000,000 bibliographic records.

Fall 1988 The new indexes are introduced into LUIS.

Fall 1988 NOTIS software packages are in operation at more than 100 other sites, some with two or more institution's libraries.

1988 Invoice processing, fund accounting, circulation statistics and reserve statistics are all introduced in the Main Library.

March 1989 Search qualification and amplification are activated in LUIS.

1989 The new headings reporting program is developed, tested, and implemented.

April 1989 The new batch corrections program is tested and implemented.

June 1989 NUL changes from mnemonic to numeric tags in bibliographic records.

July 1989 OCLC is implemented at NUL, Law, and Medical Libraries.

July 1989 NOTIS circulation module implemented at the United Library.

September 1989 The reserve system is made available to other libraries.

September 1989 Enhancements are introduced to allow searching of reserve catalog from all LUIS terminals.

October 1989 Reserve control system is activated in Music Library.

July 4, 1991 NOTIS transferred to MVS system on IBM 3090 at University Computer Center.

September 1992 System converted to a modified version of commercial NOTIS 5.0.1. Reserve continues to operate using NU version.

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