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OCLC to Load Cambridge Databases

Press Release: OCLC [February 16, 1994]

Copyright (c) 1994 OCLC

Abstract: Cambridge Information Group and OCLC have reached an agreement to mount six databases on The FirstSearch Catalog and the EPIC service, OCLC's online reference services.

DUBLIN, Ohio, Feb. 16, 1994--Cambridge Information Group and OCLC have reached an agreement to mount six databases on The FirstSearch Catalog and the EPIC service, OCLC's online reference services.

"One of our reference strategies is to expand the depth and breadth of our database coverage," said Tamsen Dalrymple, OCLC reference services. "The Cambridge databases strengthen our offering in the life sciences, applied technology, and environmental fields. They index a vast body of published literature, and they go beyond citations to furnish concise, informative summaries of cited articles."

The agreement enables OCLC to add the following databases from Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, a division of Cambridge Information Group:

  • Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management, which provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary coverage of the key aspects of environmental sciences, including toxic hazards of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other substances; air, marine, and freshwater pollution; and biochemical applications in water treatment and pollution. The database contains more than 350,000 records from 1988 and will be updated monthly with 5,000 new records.
  • FINDEX: Worldwide Market Research Reports, which, with more than 14,000 records, indexes market research reports, studies, and surveys from more than 600 major publishers. It provides a broad-based, reliable source of market research information for 12 key areas: business and finance, construction, consumer durables and nondurables, data processing systems and electronics, defense and security systems, energy and utilities, health care, media, retailing and consumer services, and transportation.
  • Safety Sciences & Risk Management, which is published in association with the University of Southern California and the University of Waterloo and focuses on environmental risks that affect occupational health and public safety. Cited studies are geared to help researchers identify, evaluate, and eliminate or control risks and hazards of all kinds. The database contains nearly 41,000 records from the last five years; it will be updated quarterly with 2,000 new records.
  • Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts, which is recognized as the premier database in marine and aquatic sciences and provides access to worldwide research archives collected under the sponsorship of four United Nations agencies. It provides coverage of aquatic biology, living and nonliving aquatic resources, ocean technology, and aquatic pollution and encompasses all aspects of marine, freshwater, and brackishwater organisms and environments, fisheries and aquaculture, and the unique contamination problems of seas and estuaries. It contains nearly 200,000 records dating from 1988. Approximately 3,000 new records are added each month.
  • AIDS & Cancer Research, which contains more than 140,000 records gathered from research in the worldwide scientific literature. AIDS-related topics include molecular and in vitro aspects, immunological, clinical, and epidemiological aspects, patterns of disease occurrence and transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment and investigational drugs. Cancer information emphasizes the complex molecular aspects of cancer initiation, promotion, progression, and metastasis. The database will be updated monthly with 2,000 new records.
  • Biotechnology & BioEngineering, which is prepared under the editorial direction of Dr. Rita R. Colwell of the Maryland Biotechnology Institute and offers complete coverage of biotechnology and bioengineering, drawn from 697 primary research sources abstracted from eight scientific journals. It will be updated monthly with 4,300 new records; coverage is from 1988.

OCLC is a nonprofit computer library service and research organization whose computer network and services link more than 17,000 libraries in 52 countries and territories.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: Nita Dean (614) 761-5002

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