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News from library automation vendors active in the Netherlands: 2001



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Abstract: An interesting challenge for the vendors is the new situation emerging from the so-called Report Meyer about re-structuring the public library scene. Public libraries, even the smaller ones, are now free to choose their own solutions for automation, while no longer provincial solutions have to prevail. The NBLC is promoting at present a kind of certification for library automation software sold to public libraries, incl. Provincial Library Centres (PBC). Certification should apply to acquisition, cataloguing and circulation modules. However, vendors are not informed about the requirements for the assessment of their systems. Mildly speaking an unfortunate, nearly arrogant attitude, which has put question marks at this initiative by many of the vendors, notably as the underlying motive seems to be limiting the number of vendors. The NBLC has disclosed on 15 March 2002 the result of their evaluation and certifications have been given to Bicat (HKA), SunRise (SISIS) and Vubis/VubisSm@rt (Geac). Rejected have been (by surprise): Bibliobyte (Biblioservice Gelderland/Arnhem), Concerto (Bibliomondo), Geac+, Q-be (Q-be Library Systems) and Tobias/Codex (Datapoint). Most of the rejected suppliers will file complaints at the NBLC.

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