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Abstract: Editor's Note: By all accounts Béla Hatvany gave one of the most stimulating Miles Conrad Lectures in the history of the talk. He gave it live and without a script. Fortunately the tape recorders were running. The talk that unfolded from the floor was more like poetry and fine prose than a technical paper. Perhaps that is what kept the audience spellbound. In editing this transcript we have done our best to retain the artistic merit of the original performance, though words alone cannot help but fail. This paper will have to suffice as the artifact that documents the moment. But, in short, you really had to be there.--RTK

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Publication Year:2000
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Series: Miles Conrad Lectures
Notes:Béla Hatvany, Co-Founder, SilverPlatter Information: Béla Hatvany has worked with computers in various capacities since 1956. He founded a number of companies, including CLSI (in 1971) and SilverPlatter Information (in 1983-85). Béla has been married since 1964, has six children, and six grandchildren at last count. He holds a B.S. from St. Andrew's University and an M.B.A. from Harvard University. Béla has received various awards over the years and is a trustee of the World Community for Christian Meditation. He recognized the promise of optical disc technology and in 1983 began developing a way to store and read data on CD-ROM. With a team of engineers, he created a technology that allowed users to precisely locate specific information on compact disc, formed relationships with owners of important databases, and soon began offering the first SilverPlatter CD-ROM reference databases to libraries in 1985. The rest of the SilverPlatter story is legendary and still unfolding. This year, the NFAIS Board of Directors honored Béla Hatvany with the Miles Conrad Memorial Lecture Award for his outstanding contribution to our field.
Conference:NFAIS Annual Conference
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Company: CLSI
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