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News and Enhancements: June 2001

Press Release: ON POINT, Inc. [June 1, 2001]

Copyright (c) 2001 ON POINT, Inc.

Abstract: Description of new features in TLC v.3.

Were hard at work on TLC v.3. Please let us hear your special requests while there is still time to have them included. We'll be showing the newest version of TLC to be released later this year) at the Special Libraries Association annual meeting in San Antonio in June.

  • What it looks like: The newest version of TLC carries the user interface first released in TLC v.2.2 to the next step. While the "index tab card" format for menus is retained, menus are cleared of any clutter with the use of drop down menus for selection of all programmed options. This means there's less to look at so your eye is more quickly directed to the function you want to perform. Additionally, with a list of program offerings, you can now combine all the elements needed to produce a complete report so that it will execute with a single mouseclick.
  • Increased versatility: As before, you can re-sort and/or display in different formats without rerunning the search. but now you can do most of that without returning to a menu. Furthermore, the selections You have made on any menu won't change until you intentionally select something else. This means that, if you have a favorite "search, sort, and show" routine, you can set it and then run it again later, once more with a single mouseclick.
  • Simplified procedures: The new version of TLC further combines procedures wherever possible. For example, when you import records created by the MARC interface, you'll no longer need to "process" them. It will happen automatically. There are new display layouts for reviewing Catalog's citation format. And now you can freely jump from the "list view" of Catalog's new citation layout to the "form view" where you can see all fields in the record. This works similarly to reviewing TLC's records in your web browser.
  • Additional value lists: We've added more value lists that you can assign to relevant fields (with your own copy of FileMaker") Pro). You can designate what goes into those lists. As always, you can also override anything offered in most value lists.
  • Cleaning house: The rest of the enhancements in TLC are under the hood. i.e. in the programming. For example, we've trapped for errors in typing so that your subject "pick list" for searching won't show the ending characters you didn't mean to input. We've also fixed the programs that generate your subject bibliographies so that they'll reject common mistakes formerly appearing because of inconsistent data entry.

First Look at TLC v.3

Please stop at our booth during Special Libraries Association's annual conference to get a preview, of TLC v.3. We'll be happy to demonstrate any feature you'd like to explore.

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