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First Public Library in British Columbia to Implement RFID Chooses TechLogic

Press Release: Tech Logic [April 12, 2007]

Copyright (c) 2007 Tech Logic

Abstract: North Vancouver District Public Library will be the first public library in British Columbia to implement RFID technology

White Bear Lake, MN - April 12, 2007 - North Vancouver District Public Library (NVDPL) will be the first public library in British Columbia to implement RFID technology.

NVDPL will use Tech Logic's RFID-based Combo StationR self-checkout system, security gates, and a five-bin material handling sorting system.

"One of the strategic directions for NVDPL is to be more pro-active in positioning the library near the leading edge of technology, and implementing RFID for the opening of our new Lynn Valley Main Library is a key part of that strategy," said Michael DeKoven, NVDPL Manager of Support Services. "We believe that RFID will eventually completely replace barcodes for circulating library material, so the big questions for us were when the costs would come down enough to justify to expense of conversion, and when would the privacy and interoperability issues around RFID in libraries be resolved. We think the pricing has now stabilized to some extent, and that we can work with the technology (and with Tech Logic) to resolve the privacy questions and the immanent draft NISO standard on interoperability should address those problems. It looks to me that the stars aligned just in time for our new Main Library Project," he said.

Tech Logic's self-checkout and AMH systems will help public service at the library, Mr. DeKoven said. "Our new Main Library will be twice the size of our existing building and we aren't getting twice the staff, so we knew we needed to look for ways to maintain the very high level of public service that our patrons have come to expect and to which we are very strongly committed. We will implement self-checkout as a staff assisted service for our patrons who have told us that they really value the interaction with our staff, and we see the AMH system as a way for us to move more of those staff out into the public area where they can provide direct public service.

"Although we are a medium sized library system, we are very busy (for a number of years we have had the highest circulation per capita for a library our size in Canada) and so the physical strain of those repetitive backroom activities on our staff is always a concern. We feel that the RFID based AMH system will really help us take care of our staff as well as let us improve public service."

NVDPL chose Tech Logic for its leadership in the areas of self-check services, RFID, and AMH systems, Mr. DeKoven said. "We were impressed not only by the large scale implementation at Seattle Public Library, but also that Tech Logic appeared to give as much attention to systems like Salt Lake County Library which is closer to our size. All of the Tech Logic customers that we talked to spoke highly of the company's professionalism and thoroughness and were very happy to be working with Tech Logic. The company appeared to really want to work with us to meet our particular requirements and to work within our finite financial resources. We are very pleased to know that we are putting a system in place that can grow or be re-configured as our service needs evolve.

"Tech Logic's commitment to open standards and to interoperability was also an important factor for us, as we have a heavily used reciprocal borrowing arrangement with 17 other library systems in the area."

NVDPL will use the Tech Logic systems in the new Lynn Valley Main Library, which will open this summer. The Lynn Valley Library will be part of a new town center in the region's commercial district.

North Vancouver District Public Library uses a Sirsi/Dynix automation system. The library has over 300,000 items.

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