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King of the road

CD - ROM World [July/August 1997]


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Abstract: Need to demonstrate your flashy new multimedia product at an upcoming trade show? Want to include video clips in your out-of-town presentation? If either answer is yes, you’re a candidate for mobile multimedia computing, which is taking corporate sales operations by storm. In order to keep your road show from turning into road kill, look for systems that come as close as possible to standard multimedia specifications—namely MPC Level 2—although you may have to compromise on features such as video, keyboard, and ports. And expect to may more for these heavy, high-end portables than for either desktop multimedia systems or for non-multimedia portables.

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Publication Year:1994
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Published in: CD - ROM World
Publication Info:Volume 9 Number 7
Issue:July/August 1997
Subject: CD-ROM hardware
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