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Lewisham Library and Information Service and West Lothian Council choose SirsiDynix Horizon

Press Release: SirsiDynix [April 27, 2006]

Copyright (c) 2006 SirsiDynix

Abstract: SirsiDynix announced that both Lewisham Library and Information Service and West Lothian Council Library Services, located in the United Kingdom, have selected the SirsiDynix Horizon Library Management System.

BIRMINGHAM, England, April 27, 2006 - SirsiDynix, the global leader in strategic technology solutions for libraries, announced today that both Lewisham Library & Information Service and West Lothian Council Library Services, located in the United Kingdom, have selected the SirsiDynix Horizon Library Management System.

The Horizon systems will provide access via a graphical user interface to cataloging, circulation and acquisitions. Access to the online public access catalog will also be available over the Internet via the Horizon Information Portal. Horizon Digital Library will provide searching of and digitized access to Lewisham's local studies collection.

Gareth Morley, service development librarian at Lewisham Library, said, "The Library & Information Service Best Value Review recommended an upgrade from Dynix to Horizon. We have always been pleased with the support and care Dynix, and now SirsiDynix, has provided. We think that the new system will be able to keep up with both staff and customer expectations, and we are confident that Horizon and Web Reporter solution will provide easier access to more accurate and timely information.

"Moreover, the library will have the ability to offer greater access to our increasing collection of electronic resources and 24/7 access to borrower records/renewals/reservations and the catalog, which we haven't been able to offer before. The Windows(r) functionality in Horizon is user-friendly for both staff and customers. And the customization features for our customers within the Horizon Information Portal are particularly impressive, resulting in customers being able to choose the information they want and how they get it," added Morley.

Anne Hunt, support services manager at West Lothian Council Libraries, said, "Having looked carefully at Horizon and spoken to other Horizon users, we are confident that this upgrade offers the best option for staff and customers alike. It will enable us to offer service enhancements such as a customized and user-friendly information portal while continuing to work with SirsiDynix, a company which we know and trust. The main benefit should be ease of use, with a user-friendly Windows front end for both customers and staff. We are looking forward to having easier access to a wide variety of statistics and reports which will be readily available as and when staff wish to run them on their desktops. We intend to overhaul our catalog, upgrading to MARC 21, which will increase interoperability with other systems and enable us to make better use of the Horizon acquisitions package."

Peter Gethin, SirsiDynix managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said, "Lewisham Library and Information Service and West Lothian Council are two of many libraries recognizing the value of upgrading to newer generation strategic technology solutions. SirsiDynix, like libraries, is committed to delivering solutions that help communities in their quest for information and knowledge. This involves offering comprehensive integrated solutions like Horizon that assist libraries in making sense of the vast world of information for the people they serve."

The announcement was made at the Library + information Show at the NEC in Birmingham, England.

About SirsiDynix

SirsiDynix is the global leader in strategic technology solutions for libraries - vital institutions whose primary mission is to make sense of the vast world of information for people and communities. This is an exciting role as libraries assist people in discovering and using knowledge, resources and other valuable content for their educations, jobs and entertainment. In concert with key industry partners, SirsiDynix supports this strategic role for libraries by offering a comprehensive integrated suite of technology solutions for improving the internal productivity of libraries and enhancing their capabilities for meeting the needs of people and communities. SirsiDynix has approximately 4,000 library and consortia clients, serving more than 300 million people through more than 20,000 library outlets in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please see

About Lewisham Library and Information Service

A SirsiDynix customer since 1990, Lewisham Libraries has a collection of 520,000 holdings and issued 1.3 million items in 2004/5. The library currently serves 44,000 active borrowers in a population of 247,000.

About West Lothian Council Libraries

A SirsiDynix customer for 15 years, West Lothian Council Libraries issue more than a million items each year through 15 public libraries and two mobiles. In addition, the library works in partnership with the schools resource service, eleven secondary schools, West Lothian College and Disability West Lothian, all of which access the union catalogue through the Dynix ILS currently. A recent survey showed that the spread of customers are aged from 0 to 96 years old, with many concentrated in the under-12 and the 40-60 age groups. The Library collection currently stands at over 400,000 items (holdings records) and nearly 200,000 titles (bibliographic records) and 43,314 active users (2004-2005).

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