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Polaris first ILS to begin deployment of SQL Server 2005

Press Release: Polaris Library Systems [April 26, 2006]

Copyright (c) 2006 Polaris Library Systems

Abstract: Polaris Library Systems announced that Microsoft SQL Server 2005 has been fully tested with the Polaris Integrated Library System and is being deployed at Polaris ILS sites. Polaris is the first ILS vendor to install SQL Server 2005 in a live library environment.

SYRACUSE, New York, April 26, 2006 -- Polaris Library Systems, the leader in providing technology tools that enhance staff productivity and increase patron service, announced today that Microsoft SQL Server 2005 has been fully tested with the Polaris® Integrated Library System (ILS) and is being deployed at Polaris ILS sites. Polaris is the first ILS vendor to install SQL Server 2005 in a live library environment.

"All new Polaris implementations are going up on SQL Server 2005," said Polaris Director of Customer Operations, Brad Rogers. "We are migrating successively larger sites to SQL Server 2005 as we and our customers gain experience with it." Customer training on new tools and capabilities will be provided as sites deploy SQL Server 2005.

Polaris versions 3.2 and 3.3 support both SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005, Rogers said. Polaris 4.0 will require SQL Server 2005. Polaris ILS customers were notified of this change in January 2006 to provide them with ample time to budget for SQL Server 2005. "It is our policy to give customers as much advance notice as possible when the platform requirements for Polaris ILS will be changing. All our customers now know that over the next 18 months we will be gradually transitioning from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005. By making Polaris 3.2 and Polaris 3.3 compatible with both versions of SQL Server, we are providing our customers with the ability to make the transition on their own schedule," said Rogers. Polaris 3.2 is currently installed in over 80% of Polaris sites; Polaris 3.3 is scheduled for release later this year. Polaris 4.0 is scheduled for release in 2007.

Rogers said that the upgrade for Polaris customers will require uninstalling SQL Server 2000, installing SQL Server 2005 and re-attaching the database. No reloading or re-indexing will be required, he said, and downtime will be minimized.

"Polaris' adoption of SQL Server 2005 helps us improve service to libraries of all sizes," said Polaris Chief Information Officer, Jim Mieczkowski. "For larger public libraries and consortia, it provides more powerful management and reporting tools as well as improved performance. Because we work exclusively with Windows technology, we have been able to move quickly to make these enhancements available to our customers."

According to Mieczkowski, libraries will realize functional, performance and management enhancements when they upgrade to SQL Server 2005. Major enhancements include:

  • Utilization of more memory. SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition supports up to the operating system's maximum memory support. For Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, installed as the standard operating system for new Polaris ILS customers, it is 32GB of memory. Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition supports 4GB of memory. SQL 2000 Standard supports 2GB maximum.
  • Database Mirroring and Failover Clustering.
  • Significant transactional performance improvements.
  • Tighter security. Encryption is now native to SQL Server and can be enabled at the database, table or communications between the client and the SQL Server.
  • XML is now a native data type. SQL Server 2005 will allow Polaris to store XML directly and retrieve it "as-is."

About Polaris Library Systems

From its beginnings more than thirty years ago, Polaris Library Systems has served libraries with time-saving technology, from its first circulation system in the mid-1970s through its third-generation Polaris Integrated Library System. Polaris ILS facilitates all aspects of library operations by providing flexible workflow solutions packaged in a familiar Windows interface. More than 800 libraries use Polaris ILS to facilitate all aspects of their library operations. In addition to its library automation systems, Polaris Library Systems offers workflow analysis, database enhancement, wireless access and network services to libraries of all types. For more information about Polaris Library Systems, visit

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