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EOS International hosts digital knowledge strategies summit

Press Release: EOS International [March 16, 2006]

Copyright (c) 2006 EOS International

Abstract: EOS International announces the hosting of the Digital Knowledge Strategies Summit held at EOS International world headquarters on March 3, 2006.

(Carlsbad, CA – March 16, 2006) Market leader EOS International announces the successful hosting of the Digital Knowledge Strategies Summit held at EOS International world headquarters on March the 3rd. It was a pleasure to have Michel Bezy from IBM, Sheryl Torr-Brown from Pfizer, Guy St. Clair from SMR International, Dan DiPierro from CBS News, Louis Mirando from Torys LLP, and Gordon Russell from the Charleston School of Law join us to discuss the future of knowledge management technologies. The objective of the Summit was to conduct an open, strategic discussion about where the participants see their organization in 5 years, identifying what needs to be done to enhance current technology and to discuss what is needed in a next-generation knowledge management solution.

EOS Knowledge Management Consultant Guy St. Clair of SMR International facilitated an invigorating, fast-paced series of discussions ranging from topics such as ‘what has prohibited true knowledge-sharing' and ‘what technology limitations need to be addressed'. During the course of the full-day Summit, St. Clair noted that there are valid "practical and utilitarian" (in the words of specialized librarianship's founder, John Cotton Dana), non-altruistic reasons for developing new tools for managing knowledge:

  • the handling of massive amounts of information
  • dealing with the accumulated knowledge building up in the corporation/organization every day
  • getting people to share the knowledge they develop

Each of the participants spoke about how technology and the knowledge management/research management function operates in his or her organization, and the group heard a variety of descriptions of how technology is used to harness knowledge in the organizations, with considerable discussion about what technology limitations are hampering or enhancing knowledge management.

"I was delighted to have the opportunity to welcome these industry leaders to our headquarters building to discuss the current and future state-of-the-art in true knowledge management technologies," states EOS CEO Tony Saadat. "We had an energetic, insightful series of discussions which provoked much thought regarding future EOS strategic technological development possibilities."

About EOS International

EOS International is a leading global library information management software and services provider with a client base of over 3,000 special libraries. A client-driven company that has earned the top customer satisfaction award for the past three years and earned a nomination for the Computerworld Smithsonian award, EOS library automation software products (EOS.Web Express, EOS.Web Enterprise, and hosted, EOS e-Library Service) serve the stringent knowledge and content management needs of corporate, legal, medical, government and special libraries of all sizes. EOS International can be found online at

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Issue:March 16, 2006
Publisher:EOS International
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