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Geac releases Version 2.4.1 of its Vubis Smart library automation system

Press Release: Infor Library and Information Solutions [December 09, 2005]

Copyright (c) 2005 Infor Library and Information Solutions

Abstract: Vubis Smart version 2.4.1 has been released for general availability. With release 2.4.1 Geac dramatically extends the capabilities of Vubis Smart, offering libraries, archives and museums additional tools to streamline information management and to provide new and exciting services to patrons.

Vubis Smart version 2.4.1 has been released for general availability. With release 2.4.1 Geac dramatically extends the capabilities of Vubis Smart, offering libraries, archives and museums additional tools to streamline information management and to provide new and exciting services to patrons.

New and enhanced features in release 2.4.1 include a sophisticated global change utility, potential files support, faster indexing, support of the Cashless Library concept and integration of RSS News Feeds.

A highlight of the new release is a new global change utility. Borrower, holdings, authority and bibliographic records can be changed globally, using customer-defined profiles and refined rules that enable detailed changes in specific data elements. Change types include replace, delete, add, transform, move and order, and more.

The Cataloguing Module has been extended with a flexible mechanism for automated export and import, using one or more record formats such as XML or ISO2709, based on customer-defined triggers. Records can now seamlessly be updated online through support of the OCLC PICA OUF (Online Update Fetch) protocol. Furthermore, the Cataloguing Module has been considerably improved by significantly faster indexing, utilizing less disk space and enabling an unparalleled rapid retrieval of records. All new features support the system's multi-format capabilities, enabling libraries to manage multiple records in multiple bibliographic formats alongside each other on a single system.

The Vubis Smart Web OPAC, much acclaimed for its powerful search capabilities and user friendliness, has been enhanced with additional features that further enrich the user's experience. Most notably, library users can now register online. An improved SDI interface enables users to set up their own profiles, triggering a fully automated email notification process. Through Rate and Review library users can submit and view comments about Web OPAC records and with personalized RSS News Feeds users may keep abreast of any topic of choice.

The latest improvements to the Acquisitions Module comprise three alternative workflows, providing libraries with the ability to select the ordering workflow that best suits their daily practices. The workflows may be used simultaneously on the same system and easy access to performance management data (to support the selection process) is available for each of the three workflows. In addition, the Acquisitions Module incorporates a "potentials file" workflow, enabling libraries to separate the selection and order process. In this manner, the Acquisitions Module specifically addresses the needs of distributed models such as consortia that share a single acquisitions system. Lastly, the Acquisitions Module in Vubis Smart features improved authorization capabilities as well as the import and export of data in EDIFACT format to enable linking to 3rd party EDI applications.

In Circulation, a wide range of new features and parameters enable libraries to further customize their circulation desk workflows. With the Cashless Library utility borrowers can now deposit money and use their deposits for any type of payment. The Cashless Library completely removes the cash workflows from the circulation desk and includes links to payment stations, the ability to link to online credit card brokers and fully automated invoicing processes. Other new features in the Circulation Module are a sophisticated reservation messaging subsystem and a new offline circulation system called WinCirc.

SSP (Select - Sort - Publish), the system's integrated report generator, now supports output of statistical data in customer-defined delimited, text, HTML and XML formats. Output is stored in re-usable profiles, making the most of Vubis Smart's "define once, use many times" principle. Finally, Vubis Smart comes with improved and easy-to-adapt workflow and authorization capabilities that allow both application managers and staff to fine-tune the system to meet their specific requirements. Adding to its powerful customization features, Vubis Smart now incorporates a refined mechanism to restrict access to any screen option on a per-user basis. The system's integral workflow options, which enable individual users to define specific preferences and defaults, has been further extended to support entire groups of users.

About Vubis Smart

Vubis Smart is an integrated library management system that supports all standard modules: Cataloguing, Acquisitions, Serials, Circulation and Web OPAC, along with an integrated report manager. Vubis Smart is used in public, academic, special and corporate libraries, in museums, and archives. Implementations range from only a few to 800+ concurrent user systems. Supported standards include MARC21, UNIMARC, Dublin Core, MARC and non-MARC based bibliographic metadata schemes, Z39.50, SIP2, OAI-PMH, OpenURL, OUF, ISO279, RSS, XML (MarcXML, DC-XML and others) and EDIFACT. Interfaces to self-check, voice response and payments stations of multiple vendors are available, as is support for RFID. Vubis Smart 2.4.1 runs on Windows, Unix (Sun, IBM, HP) and Linux platforms and can be installed in Citrix environments.

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