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Guide to connecting LANs to the Internet


Copyright (c) 1996 MultiCorp

Abstract: One of the unmistakable trends in business computing involves getting connected to the Internet. Once connected, employees reap the benefits of access to the many diverse resources available on the Internet and the business can then make its services available to a world-wide audience. Many organizations, including both large corporations and small businesses, have existing LANs that need to be connected to the Internet. This workshop provides information on implementing Internet access for several types of network scenarios. Internet connectivity for a LAN assumes some degree of support of TCP/IP protocols and applications. The introductory section of the workshop will deal with the terminology of TCP/IP and will define the various layers of TCP/IP and the Internet Protocol Suite. We will discuss the major principles of TCP/IP networking and the hardware and software components involved. A basic connectivity model will be presented, including basic components such as routers, nameservers, mail relays, bootservers, as well as client workstations. We will talk about the software that is required on both clients and servers on the network. Many organizations rely on networks that use protocols other than TCP/IP, such as Novell NetWare. One of the strategies for these organizations involves creating a multiprotocol network that supports both the organizations primary network operating system and TCP/IP. The works hop will cover several methods of enhancing a NetWare LAN to support TCP/IP and to gain access to the Internet. While NetWare serves as an example for configuring other networks for Internet access, the same principles apply to other popular network environments. Connecting a LAN to the Internet involves the services of an Internet Access Provider. We will discuss the types of services that an organization can receive from their Internet Access Provider and some of the options and configurations available. Internet access involves many security precautions. The workshop will cover some of the vulnerabilities introduced when connecting to the Internet and some techniques available to minimize the risks.

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Publication Year:1996
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Issue:June 24, 1996
Conference:Internet Conference
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