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Geac announces support for electronic ID card for Vubis Smart

Press Release: Infor Library and Information Solutions [November 02, 2005]

Copyright (c) 2005 Infor Library and Information Solutions

Abstract: Geac announced that the Vubis Smart product now supports eIK, the electronic identity card that is currently being rolled out by the Belgian government to all Belgian citizens that are older than 12 years.

Geac announced today that the Vubis Smart product now supports eIK, the electronic identity card that is currently being rolled out by the Belgian government to all Belgian citizens that are older than 12 years.

In Vubis Smart it will be possible to use the card as a substitute for the traditional library card, although the system will also support hybrid environments, in which both traditional library cards and the new eIK card are used on a single system. The Vubis Smart eIK link interfaces to the eIK Assistant from Cevi, which supports a wide range of card readers. The package is sold as a plug and play add-on for Vubis Smart.

The eIK card can be used for identifying borrowers during circulation features such as Loans, Returns, Renewals, Reservations and Borrower Administration. Data in the borrower record can be automatically or optionally updated with the data that is stored on the card. New borrowers can be inscribed on the basis of the card data (which is fetched automatically and which is included in the new borrower record). The picture that is stored on the card can be optionally displayed in the application. Staff login is possible by just inserting the eIK card in the reader, and can as such be a complement to the traditional user id / password type of login.

The eIK can also be used by borrowers to get access to their MyWebOpac environment, which allows them to place reservations, renew items and view all kind of data that is related to their borrower record. A PIN code can be optionally used to add additional security to the process.

The eIK link for Vubis Smart is sold as a site license package, which contains both the Vubis Smart eIK link and the eIK Assistant from Cevi. It will be available as of November 1 as an add-on. The eIK link is compatible with Vubis Smart releases 2.3 and 2.4.1.

About the eIK card

The eIK card will be handed out to all Belgian citizens older than 12. The card holds data such as name, nationality, gender, date of birth, address, national identity number, picture of the holder, validity date, and others. Features that can be realized through usage of the eIK card include electronic identification, usage of an electronic signature, online communications with the government, online submission of tax forms, consulting personal dossiers in the national citizen registers, and others.

The eIK card has security built in through certificates (both for the data on the card and for the card signature) and optionally requires PIN codes for authentication.

About the eIK Assistant and Cevi The eIK Assistant is a universal interface for reading information on eIK cards. The eIK Assistant supports multiple types of card readers and interfaces. The eIK assistant fetches data from the card and has the ability to visualize it or to pass data from the card to applications such as Microsoft Office and Vubis Smart. The eIK Assistant is a product from Cevi, one of Belgium's main software solutions and services suppliers for local government. Cevi is a reseller of Vubis Smart.

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Issue:November 02, 2005
Publisher:Infor Library and Information Solutions
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