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Millennium Via Makes Gains in School District Libraries

Press Release: Innovative Interfaces, Inc. [July 22, 2005]

Copyright (c) 2005 Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Abstract: Innovative Interfaces announced that the Glenbrook School District in Illinois and the Eugene School District in Oregon have selected Millennium Via as their integrated library management system. The districts will be switching from CASPR and Dynix systems respectively.

Emeryville, CA—Innovative Interfaces announced today that the Glenbrook School District (Illinois) and the Eugene School District (Oregon) have selected Millennium Via as their integrated library management system. The districts will be switching from CASPR and Dynix systems respectively.

In the last sixteen months, four school districts have selected Millennium Via for its easy-to-use user interface, reliability, powerful reporting, and features tailored to the K-12 library. The Upper Arlington School District (Ohio) and New Haven School District (California) both selected Millennium Via in 2004. All four new Millennium installations will allow each district to centralize library technology and deliver a single search portal for students. According to a recent Media & Methods article on school library management systems: "Centralized library management systems are currently being converted into many schools across the U.S. It is today's efficient way for students, librarians, and teachers to access requests and needed resources."

Glenbrook: The Right Choice the School Environment

Glenbrook School District in Illinois hosts nearly 5,000 students at its North and South campus locations. Over 300 staff work for the district including seven librarians. "Because upgrading our legacy library management system would have been equivalent to a complete system migration, we saw an opportunity to find out about other systems on the market," says Marti Babula, Head Librarian at Glenbrook. Library staff from each of the two campuses came up a list of several possibilities resulting in a demonstration of four competing technology solutions. "From the demonstration, it was clear that Millennium Via had the best search interface," Babula says. "We appreciated the straightforward way information was presented and features that prompted students to find what they need. For example, if 'Harry Potter' was misspelled in a search, Millennium Via would suggest the correct spelling automatically."

Glenbrook library staff were also concerned with getting the best reporting functionality from their new library technology system. "Millennium Via's reporting feature was wonderful and other librarians on the search team agreed," says Babula. "We did not want to be limited to only 'canned' reports. Millennium Via's Web Management Reports and Create Lists will let us quickly and simply find the critical information we need such as what the most-read books are or which materials are missing." Glenbrook staff also liked Millennium Via's special school functions such as homeroom overdues reporting.

Millennium Via was so impressive that staff selected it over more established "names" in the K-12 marketplace. Says Babula: "Although Millennium Via is relatively new to the K-12 marketplace, we were impressed with the care Innovative took in fully developing Millennium Via, and the success of Innovative in all types of libraries. Every Innovative customer we spoke to was positive about the company's service and training. That was important to us."

Eugene: Integral to Today's School Computing Environment

Millennium Via is a perfect match for the sophisticated computing environment that students enjoy at Oregon's Eugene School District. Students communicate with peers and teachers though district-sponsored email accounts and store files on school servers with offsite access secured by a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The new Millennium Via system will connect the library to this environment by providing a Web-based union catalog and authenticating library users with the same passwords they currently use to access email and local file servers. Innovative's External Patron Verification product allows library patrons to log in to the library through an Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server outside the library's patron database. In the past, library staff had to maintain the entire patron database throughout the school year after the initial load at the beginning of every year. With Millennium Via, patron information can be updated daily from the student informat! ion system, which will reduce staff workload considerably.

"We're excited that we're bringing library technology up to speed with the Millennium Via installation," said Les Moore, Director of Computing and Information Services at Eugene. "Having a union catalog is important, especially one that is Web- and Java™-based and accessible through the standard passwords students already use." The search team at Eugene also turned to University of Oregon and Lane Community College to ask about their experience with Innovative. Says Moore: "We were very impressed by Innovative's work at college and university libraries in Oregon and wanted to bring those advantages home to our students and teachers."

About Eugene School District 4J

Eugene School District 4J is the fifth-largest public school district in the State of Oregon, and serves some 18,000 K-12 students. Founded in 1854, the district features 27 elementary school programs, thirteen middle school programs, eight high school programs and three charter schools. The district is recognized throughout the state for high student achievement, strong schools, broad community support, and technical innovation.

About Glenbrook School District 225

Glenbrook School District consists of a North and a South campus with a combined student population of some 5,000 students and over 300 staff. Both campuses have been singled out as top-tier regionally and nationally by the Chicago Sun Times, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report.

About Innovative

For over 25 years, Innovative Interfaces has dedicated its energies to meeting the needs of libraries and the challenges of library automation. Core to this mission are trusted products including the Millennium integrated library management system, INN-Reach next-generation resource sharing, the Symposia digital repository, and Electronic Resource Management. Today, thousands of libraries of all types in over 40 countries rely on Innovative's products, services, and support. The company is located in Emeryville, California with offices around the world.

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