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New Talis Advisory Board brings library leaders from the public and private sectors together

Press Release: Talis Information Limited [April 27, 2005]

Copyright (c) 2005 Talis Information Limited

Abstract: Talis, the leading provider of library management solutions for the UK and Ireland, is launching the Talis Advisory Board, a groundbreaking initiative that brings library leaders from the public sector and the business world together for the first time.

Birmingham, 27th April 2005 Talis, the leading provider of library management solutions for the UK and Ireland, is launching the Talis Advisory Board, a groundbreaking initiative that brings library leaders from the public sector and the business world together for the first time.

The TAB includes key figures from the academic sector, public sector and the business world and encompasses both UK and US perspectives. Members will meet to debate issues common to both groups, with the aim of tackling shared problems and advancing understanding.

“There is a great deal of common ground in our respective visions,” says Ken Chad, Executive Director of Talis and Chair of the TAB. “If we work together, especially at this strategic level, we will be far better at influencing the future. Membership of the TAB will also allow key individuals to interact with Talis and influence the future direction of technology for the library sector.”

“Talis is already a member of many library organisations and a voting member on important standards bodies such as the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Recently we became a founder member of the Vendor Initiative for Enabling Web Services (VIEWS), which is influencing the way the new Web services technology will be implemented in our domain. The TAB is an important next step in our engagement with our customers and the wider library community and underpins our continued aim to provide innovative and effective services to this community.”

Dr Paul Miller, Director of the Common Information Environment and a founder member of the TAB, welcomed the new initiative. He said: “In the past the public sector often only appears able to engage with commercial companies like Talis in a limited way, through the tendering and purchasing process. We are far less adept at engaging with the brilliant minds in the commercial sector, in order to tackle shared problems and to advance understanding and capability for ourselves and for our commercial colleagues. The TAB will move us in this direction.”

About Talis

Talis is the leading provider of library management solutions for the UK and Ireland. Designed for the academic and public sectors, Talis' suite of products helps public authorities, universities and colleges to manage their extensive resources and provides users with swift and easy access to that information. Thanks to Talis' support for greater integration, libraries in both the public and academic sectors are also able to streamline multiple systems and improve internal efficiency.

Founded in 1969, Talis has grown steadily and now enjoys an impressive 25% share of the UK library market. The company also has a long history as a technology innovator and invests heavily in research into the information management technologies of the future. Ongoing research projects include metadata, web services, RSS and service-oriented architectures.

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About the Talis Advisory Board members

Ken Chad

Chair of the TAB and Executive Director of Talis

Ken has over 17 years experience in the library automation industry, which he gained in varying roles (including support, implementation, training and project management) before moving to sales. Working first for CLSI and then Geac, he went on to successfully introduce both Innovative Interfaces and Endeavor to the European market. During this career, Ken has worked on major library automation projects from Estonia to Turkey, the Middle East and throughout Europe. Since joining Talis he has helped launch the Talis Information Environment in 2002 and has overseen Talis' increasing success in the UK and Ireland.

Dr Paul Miller

Director of the Common Information Environment

The Common Information Environment is a growing group of UK public sector organisations including the BBC, Becta, the British Library, the Cabinet Office's e-Government Unit, Culture Online, the Department for Education & Skills (DfES), English Heritage, the e-Science Core Programme, the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), the National Archives, the National Health Service's National Electronic Library for Health (NeLH), the Scottish Library & Information Council (SLIC) and UKOLN. Paul's role is to deliver a more coherent picture of member's resources to end users, as well as advocating and advising within Government.

Paul is active on a wide range of Boards in the UK and overseas, having sat on the Executive, Advisory Board and (currently) Board of Trustees for the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, the Board of mda, and the Executive Committee of CIMI.

Graham Bulpitt

Director of Library Services, Kingston University

Graham is responsible for Learning Resource Centres on four campuses at Kingston University, and is currently working on the development of the learning infrastructure as part of a major University estates project. Graham has been Chair of the CILIP University College and Research Group and has just completed a period as a member of the Advisory Council on Libraries, which advises the Secretary of State, Department of Culture, Media and Sport, on public library provision. He is a member of the JISC Journals Working Group and part of a group reviewing the JISC collections strategy.

David Lightfoot

Head of Lancashire's County Library and Information Service

David has been the Head of Lancashire's County Library and Information Service since 1998. David is currently Chair of the Public Library User Survey Committee, a member of the Committee for Public Library Statistics and on the Advisory Board for the Library Information Statistics Unit of Loughborough University. David is a Director of Libraries North West and also Deputy Chair of the North West Museums Libraries and Archives Council (MLA North West). On behalf of the Advisory Council for Libraries and the DCMS, David was asked to lead the next phase of development for Public Library Standards and Performance Indicators, which it is hoped will contribute to the Comprehensive Performance Assessment for the Culture Block and the Best Value Performance indicators from 2006.

Jane Burke

Independent Consultant and former founder of Endeavor Information Systems

Jane Burke is a US based consultant to the library industry with specific interests in digital information strategies and organizational issues. Jane was formerly the CEO of Endeavor Information Systems, a vendor of integrated library systems and digital repository software. As one of its founders, Jane led the company's growth from 1995 until 2003, as well as guiding the sale of Endeavor to Elsevier in 2000.

Prior to Endeavor, Jane was president of NOTIS Systems Inc, which began as a technology transfer venture at Northwestern University. Based on early automation efforts by University Library, NOTIS became the pre-eminent integrated library system to major academic libraries in the United States. The company became an independent entity in 1987 and was sold to Ameritech in 1992.

Charles Duncan

Chief Executive Officer, Intrallect Ltd

Charles has been CEO of Intrallect since founding the company in 2000. Intrallect specialises in learning object management and Charles has been producing e-learning materials for more than 20 years. For almost 25 years Charles was an academic, teaching meteorology at The University of Edinburgh. His research group specialised in e-learning and won a European Academic Software Award in 1998 for an innovative €2.8M project that produced multilingual e-learning. Charles has contributed to several books including the chapters on "Granularisation" and "Digital Repositories" in Reusing Online Resources published by Kogan Page in spring 2003 and regularly gives keynote addresses at international conferences.

Elaine Fulton

Director of SLIC and CILIP in Scotland

Elaine is involved in developments in interoperability and access standards, developing a Scottish Cultural Portal, and encouraging co-operation and collaboration in the library and information sectors and with a number of key national agencies. Elaine is a member of the Scottish Executive's Common Information Standards Advisory Group. In addition she is currently working on the development of the 3rd generation of public library standards for Scotland. Elaine was previously Assistant Director of SLIC/CILIPS, with her work focusing on the development of information and communications technology systems and services in libraries, in particular supporting the roll out of the People's Network in Scotland.

Peter Stubley

Assistant Director for Academic Services, University of Sheffield Library

Peter has responsibility for the management of library support to academic departments for learning, teaching, and research. In this role, he is taking a fresh look at the way in which the library needs to be organised to support new methods of learning and teaching, particularly via the introduction of Virtual Learning Environments and Reading List software. Peter's interests also include library building design and research into multimedia applications and the use of Z39.50. He was Project Director for the eLib-funded RIDING clumps project and led the feasibility study into a National Union Catalogue for the UK in 2000/01.

Marguerite Gracey

Strategic Change Manager, Bolton Public Libraries

Marguerite has been at Bolton Libraries for over 12 years, initially as Bibliographic Support Librarian, but now in the delivery of LibraryPlus, the new service model for Bolton's Libraries. She is currently working with key partner organisations to develop and deliver a service fit for purpose, ready to meet the challenges of library facilities in the 21st Century. At a regional level Marguerite is involved with many initiatives, and she is currently a board member for Libraries North West and a committee member for SCL(NW).

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