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Nation's largest districts convert to Follett's Web technology to extend service and reduce cost

Press Release: Follett [February 23, 2005]

Copyright (c) 2005 Follett

Abstract: Follett Software Company acquired an unprecedented 141 contracts in new sales of its acclaimed Destiny browser-based library software in 2004, underscoring impressive growth that included more than 30 conversions from districts using competitive automation solutions.

McHENRY, IL -- Ferbruary 23, 2005 -- Follett Software Company acquired an unprecedented 141 contracts in new sales of its acclaimed Destiny browser-based library software in 2004, underscoring impressive growth that included more than 30 conversions from districts using competitive automation solutions.

One of every four Destiny sales has come from a district formerly using a competitive library automation vendor.

Those migrating to Destiny include some of the nation's largest school districts--Miami-Dade, New York City (Bronx) and Clark County, among others--who have sought to extend library access while holding the line on budget costs by using Follett's browser-based, centralized library system, Destiny Library Manager. Districts are able to consolidate all their library automation on a district server with Destiny, dramatically reducing technical support costs, saving staff time and improving ease of use.

Over 50 of the top 500 districts have turned to Destiny, and it is now used by nearly 200 districts across the country, representing 4,000 schools. This makes Destiny a leading web-based library solution for K-12 schools. Destiny is the only library management product to receive the 2004 Award of Excellence from Technology & Learning magazine.

Top districts recently adopting Destiny include:

  • Miami-Dade County, Florida (320 schools)
  • Clark County, Nevada (301 schools)
  • Pinellas County, Florida (132 schools)
  • Polk County, Florida (120 schools)
  • Bronx, New York City (116 schools)
    • Bronx collections are accessible by any school in New York City

Districts converting to Destiny from competitive library automation systems include:

  • Gwinnett County, Georgia (104 schools)
  • Davis, Utah (76 schools)
  • Wichita Falls, Texas (31 schools)
  • Desert Sands, California (29 schools)
  • Indian Prairie 109, Illinois (33 schools)

Improving Service, Cutting Costs

A major force driving large districts to adopt Destiny is the need to extend library access while reducing costs. Centralizing library management with Destiny has enabled some districts to significantly reduce their manpower commitment to library management.

One district experiencing dramatic savings is Greenville County (SC) Schools, a district serving more than 60,000 students. "Our goal was to centralize our library data on one server, and to make it easier to integrate with other applications," said Dr. Lonnie Luce, Executive Director of Education Technology Services for Greenville. "I have nearly a hundred sites that I had to send technicians out to for upgrades. Now I have it in one central place. I don't have to maintain servers. Reducing maintenance and time with technicians was one of the greatest efficiencies we realized," Luce said.

In addition to reducing staff time, the district was also able to reduce the number of servers used for library management by 97%. Destiny also allowed Greenville to share library resources across the district, eliminating waste and redundancy.

Meeting the Demands of State Standards

Leading districts are also turning to Destiny to help meet the growing demand to teach according to state curriculum standards. Clark County (NV) Public Schools, the nation's fifth-largest school district with more than 285,000 students, adopted the system to help its libraries better support state standards. "Access to the Nevada State Standards through Destiny has been a boon to our collaborative efforts," said Stan Fuke, Coordinator of Library Services for the district. "With the State Standards service, individual titles within our school's and district's collections are matched to a comprehensive database that provides instant access to print titles and educator-reviewed web sites aligned to our state's standards," Fuke said.

"Today our media specialists are able to help their teachers design better lesson plans for their students because Destiny is completely web-based, and teachers can access all libraries across the district including our specialized libraries for additional resources: curriculum, special education, and English language learners," Fuke added.

About Destiny Resource Management Solution

Destiny Library Manager is part of Follett's Destiny Resource Management Solution. Destiny's easy-to-use, browser-based technology provides schools and districts better control of their book inventories. Destiny Library Manager lets K-12 districts offer complete library management services to all schools from a single installation via any supported web browser. The Destiny Resource Management Solution also includes Follett's Destiny Textbook Manager, an easy-to-use system that gives districts and schools total control of their textbook inventory. Used separately or as one integrated system, both applications save schools and districts time and money by eliminating redundant site-based installation and maintenance, and offer better control of district resources. Destiny Library Manager was recently awarded the 2004 Award of Excellence from Technology & Learning magazine, which called it an "easy, powerful, and meaningful use of technology."

About Follett Software Company

For nearly two decades, Follett Software Company has provided K-12 education with powerful, innovative technology solutions to manage library, textbooks and other assets more effectively. The company also offers a range of proven software and service solutions to help districts and schools strengthen the connection between the classroom and the library by linking learning resources to state standards more effectively, supporting reading achievement by making reading program titles more accessible, and ensuring fast, easy access to quality information.

More than 37,000 customers in almost half the nation's school districts have chosen Follett Software. Follett Software Company is a division of Follett Corporation, whose mission is to be the leading provider of educational solutions, services and products that empower schools, libraries, colleges, students and life-long learners.

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