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MuseGlobal Announces Partnership with ebrary, Inc.

Press Release: MuseGlobal, Inc. [June 25, 2004]

Copyright (c) 2004 MuseGlobal, Inc.

Abstract: MuseGlobal, Inc., has announced a business partner relationship with ebrary, Inc. ebrary''s core business is licensing full-text book databases to libraries and other institutions worldwide under a simultaneous, multi-user access model.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - June 25, 2004 - MuseGlobal, Inc., the metasearch technology firm, has announced a business partner relationship with ebrary, Inc. ebrary's core business is licensing full-text book databases to libraries and other institutions worldwide under a simultaneous, multi-user access model. To date, ebrary databases contain more than 25,000 books and 20,000 reports, maps and other authoritative documents from over 180 leading publishers. ebrary is continually adding content at no additional cost to customers throughout the subscription term. Additionally, ebrary licenses its database technology to organizations that need to securely distribute their own content online.

MuseSearchTM, the state-of-the-art metasearch technology available from MuseGlobal, offers libraries the ability to provide remote, seamless access to ebrary content via their own library portals and Websites, eliminating barriers associated with multiple data sources and passwords. Through this technology, organizations such as eLearning companies, content aggregators and distributors benefit from the ability to integrate ebrary content and functionality with their own interfaces, existing infrastructure and brand.

"ebrary is enabling our partners and customers to take full advantage of our content, technology and capabilities to literally embed ebrary into their own portals and Web-based services," said Christopher Warnock, CEO of ebrary. "We expect organizations that leverage ebrary eXtend to see a higher amount of usage through better integration and thus realize a greater return on their ebrary investment."

Kate Noerr, CEO MuseGlobal, Inc, commented, "Establishing partnerships with leading e-content providers such as ebrary is an important part of MuseGlobal's operation. eXtend, ebrary's new XML API will make it as seamless as possible to connect to ebrary's resources and make them accessible to an ever-growing audience."

About MuseGlobal, Inc.

The mission of MuseGlobal ( is to optimize the productivity of information users and knowledge workers by enabling the discovery, integration, and delivery of information and services from disparate systems. MuseGlobal's breakthrough MuseSearchTM solution is based on the most advanced metasearch architecture and features the most sophisticated pre-, in-search, and post-processing capabilities available. Many leading information management software providers feature MuseSearch as underpinning technology for their products and services. MuseGlobal's newest offering is MuseSeekTM ( ), a consumer-oriented metasearch product incorporating the advanced Muse capabilities.

Backed by over 125 years of combined experience, the Muse metasearch technology is designed to help customers find the right information, easily and efficiently, regardless of where it resides. Muse gives customers a single point of access to information from any number or type of internal and external data sources by seamlessly weaving the combined searching power of external subscription databases, native search systems and web search engines and delivering consistent, uniformly formatted results, integrated and branded within your interface.

Muse's powerful translation, conversion and reformatting capabilities preserve the quality of the native search system functionality and content. The Muse technology is designed to be easily and tightly integrated within proprietary system environments. Muse metasearch has been incorporated in dozens of branded partner solutions. It has been installed in over a thousand end-user organizations, representing many different types of content management requirements, and requiring support in multiple languages.

MuseGlobal is an active participant in the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) Metasearch Initiative, which is addressing publisher concerns about metasearch tool providers. MuseGlobal is also working with content providers to eliminate any performance or intellectual property protection issues they may have. This activity complements and enhances existing MuseGlobal Technology and Distribution Partner Programs.

About ebrary

ebrary is a leading provider of information distribution and retrieval services. The company has developed a powerful system that cost-effectively and -efficiently creates highly interactive, online content databases, from which it produces numerous market-specific applications. ebrary was named to the 2003 eContent 100 list of leading companies in the digital content industry.

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