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Hot crisis and media reassurance: A comparison of emerging diseases and Ebola Zaire

British Journal of Sociology []


Copyright (c) 1998

Abstract: Argues that the media will change its coverage of `hot crisis’ from alarming to reassuring coverage, by comparing newspaper and magazine coverage of emerging disease with their coverage of Ebola Zaire. Results of the comparison of the coverage; Examination on media coverage of the Ebola outbreak; Comparison of 17 thematic magazine stories and 35 thematic and episodic newspaper stories.

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Publication Year:1998
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Published in: British Journal of Sociology
Publication Info:Volume 49 Number 1
Notes:Data pertaining to emerging diseases is widely scattered. In part, this is due to the vast net cast by those concerned with ''new'' infectious diseases. These include new viruses (or long-standing but just recently discovered viruses), resurgent diseases (especially antibiotic-immune bacteria and diseases carried on a new vector), as well as increasing fungal threats. Sources of data are also dispersed, ranging from reports by official organizations through made-for-TV movies. Since the topic only emerges as a ''celebrity'' issue in 1994, it has been possible to track coverage of the issue in a wide range of sources. These are comprised of newspaper articles (including the InfoTrac National Newspaper Index), magazine stories (including the Reader''s Guide to Periodical Literature), TV news (including the Vanderbilt Television News Archive), and TV shows and movies.
Subject: Vanderbilt Television News Archive -- Research Use
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