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Ex Libris releases DigiTool Version 2.4 featuring support for qualified Dublin Core, institutional repositories, and single sign-sn

Press Release: Ex Libris [June 10, 2004]

Copyright (c) 2004 Ex Libris

Abstract: The Ex Libris Group announced the release of DigiTool Version 2.4, a significant developmental milestone in the Company’s powerful digital asset management solution.

The Ex Libris Group is pleased to announce the release of DigiTool Version 2.4, a significant developmental milestone in the Company's powerful digital asset management solution. Among other exciting new features, DigiTool Version 2.4 is designed specifically for managing institutional and national repositories—into which publishers submit material published in digital format. Originally developed to meet the needs of Ex Libris customers that serve as copyright deposit libraries such as the Royal Library of Belgium, Version 2.4 supports easy submission and cataloging of digital objects and descriptive metadata through a new, Web-based user interface and workflow. The institution registers approved depositors who create and contribute records and associated metadata. Approvers accept, revise, or require revisions to these records. This interface is also exceptionally well-suited to the creation of institutional digital repositories enabling non-staff users--professors, researchers, and graduate students--to contribute digital objects, such as e-theses, to the institution's digital repository.

Support for Qualified Dublin Core is handled through a user-friendly, forms-based Web interface featuring drop-down lists of Dublin Core elements and qualifiers. Staff choose desired elements, attach descriptive metadata and digital files, set file permissions and access levels, and save records. Thumbnails are created and full-text indexing takes place automatically upon upload. Objects and metadata are accessible via the DigiTool Web interface.

DigiTool Version 2.4 supports Single Sign-On (SSO) via the Ex Libris Patron Directory Services (PDS). This service provides sites with shared user authentication and SSO capabilities across the Ex Libris product suite and with third-party applications.

About DigiTool:

Modern library, archive, and museum collections contain an ever-increasing amount of digital content—text, image, audio, and video. Institutions managing digital assets require tools to organize this content as a distinct collection to be shared with a growing number of end users and other organizations. DigiTool is a stand-alone product that enables organizations of any size to manage existing digital content or to embark on the digitization of a collection.

The flexible DigiTool system provides catalogers and non-staff users with tools for the easy upload of digital assets, creation of associated metadata, and management of user records and profiles. Sophisticated resource discovery tools offer patrons a range of search functions while continuous institutional control of access to digital objects ensures their security and integrity.

Ex Libris customers have found that DigiTool helps them show off their digital collections to their best possible advantage. Jerome Yavarkovsy, University Librarian at Boston College explains that "For us, DigiTool is all about networked access and our mission to improve scholarly productivity. The Boston College community is replete with hidden treasures. Our goal is to make these resources conveniently available to Boston College and the world through DigiTool."

“We are delighted to have implemented DigiTool, which offers our digital collections the same sophisticated indexing and retrieval system that the ALEPH 500 gives our more traditional library resources,” says Susan C. Pyzynski, Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Special Collections at Brandeis University. “Researchers will have 24-hour access to our rare and visual resources, and the opportunity to use Brandeis' collections from anywhere in the world."

Recent DigiTool wins include Florida State University and Boston College in the United States, The Royal Library of Belgium, Leiden University in the Netherlands, and Universidade Luisiada and Universidade do Porto in Portugal.

For additional information on DigiTool, please see

About Ex Libris:

The Ex Libris Group is a worldwide pioneer in the field of software solutions for libraries and information centers. With over two decades of leadership in the field of library and information systems, Ex Libris continues to set industry standards by combining software strengths and library acumen to provide real solutions for this constantly evolving market. ALEPH, Ex Libris' integrated library solution, is currently installed at over 1250 sites in 51 countries. MetaLib, the information portal for library collections, and SFX, the context-sensitive link-server for heterogeneous electronic resources in the scholarly information environment, have been adopted by more than 600 institutions in 32 countries. DigiTool, for the construction of digital collections, rounds out the Ex Libris product suite.

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