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ENCompass 3.5 under testing in libraries worldwide

Press Release: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. [December 22, 2003]

Copyright (c) 2003 Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.

Abstract: Endeavor Information Systems announced that libraries worldwide have been performing beta testing of the next version of the ENCompass system for managing, searching and linking collections.

DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS, Dec. 22, 2003: Endeavor Information Systems announced today that libraries worldwide have been performing beta testing of the next version of the ENCompass system for managing, searching and linking collections. Named ENCompass 3.5, the new version will be in general release following the completion of the testing process. Empowering libraries with opportunities and technologies never before available with a digital library management system, ENCompass 3.5 offers advanced services for end-users that will increase the profile of the library in the campus community.

The fifth release of the cutting-edge digital library system delivers new user-centered features, staff-oriented workflow updates, support for the Unicode™ standard for display of non-Roman text and the debut of the FAST search engine for increased speed and performance of searches. Special purchase additions to ENCompass such as the Course Content Integrator for e-learning integration and the premium content gateway to interact with Luna Insight® visual imaging software are also available with the ENCompass 3.5 version. ENCompass 3.5 is available for both UNIX and LINUX installations.

The new ENCompass release includes advancements for both end-user success and simplified staff maintenance. New features in the ENCompass web interface give end-users greater differentiation of portal features, such as determining “clickable” resources like full-text and “searchable” resources like A&I repositories.

Users of Endeavor's LinkFinderPlus OpenURL-enabled link resolver and ENCompass 3.5 will be able to provide more end-user information in the original results set page. End-users will be instantly offered full-text if it is available, and not offered a link option if there are no linking sources available through their library's holdings.

The ENCompass staff client also offers increased usability with a new metadata loader for creating digital collections, new workflow-oriented features such as mass delete, confirmation messaging, and advanced searching across newly created repositories.

Special ENCompass Additions Improve Institution-wide Integration

Available at an additional cost, the Course Content Integrator module, available for purchase with ENCompass 3.5, facilitates integration between popular learning management systems such as the Blackboard™ Learning System Release 6.0 and the WebCT Vista 2.1 academic enterprise system. Maximizing an institution's investment in library software and campus-wide course management systems, the ENCompass Course Content Integrator seamlessly allows course creators to quickly and easily incorporate library resources into learning management system courses.

Also available at an additional cost to the core ENCompass system, the ENCompass premium content gateway to Luna Insight® increases the availability of detailed collections held within the institution. The Luna Insight software offers specialized viewing of high resolution images, data, video and audio materials while the ENCompass software initiates search and discovery of those materials in archives, special collections or local repositories. Beginning with ENCompass 3.5 version, libraries can offer end-users outstanding search and study capabilities through the combination of the ENCompass and Insight software.

“As the ENCompass system matures, we are continuing to build on the solid foundation of our original architecture and ground-breaking design that proffered the leading-edge technologies for all aspects of digital library systems—managing, searching and linking collections,” said Sara Randall, Endeavor Manager of Digital Library Product Management. “Endeavor is very interested in listening to our growing number of ENCompass users to continue to develop a clear, productive digital library management system that meets a variety of individual needs. Endeavor will continue to deliver a system that integrates the best end-user satisfaction, staff capability, campus-wide integration offerings and the most advanced technology features and functions available.”

About ENCompass

ENCompass is a complete solution for integrated end user searching across multiple data types and databases. ENCompass provides the tools to maximize the power of the library's collection, whether local or remote. With integrated simultaneous access to a variety of resources, the ability to organize library resources, and the ability to create and manage local digital assets, ENCompass provides federated search and discovery, linking, collection management, license and rights management and object management. Visit for more information.

About Endeavor Information Systems

Endeavor Information Systems, based in Des Plaines, IL, was founded in September of 1994. Endeavor offers a complete line of library solutions for traditional and digital collections. Visit Endeavor at for more information about Voyager, ENCompass, or LinkFinderPlus.

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