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Latest Chameleon iPortal and Virtua Release 42 highlights

Press Release: VTLS, Inc. [January 24, 2003]

Copyright (c) 2003 VTLS, Inc.

Abstract: Virtua had three new releases in 2002. These were Release 40, 41 and 42. Together these releases account for 1871 new features.

Blacksburg, VA - Virtua had three new releases in 2002. These were Release 40, 41 and 42. Together these releases account for 1871 new features. The feature count is distributed as follows:

Release 40 - 705

Release 41 - 875

Release 42 - 291

Of the 291 features in Virtua's latest release, Release 42, VTLS Inc. would like to highlight the following distinct software characteristics:

  1. FRBR

    • FRBR Requests: You can place a request on a FRBR work or expression and it will match on any item for any of the manifestations under that tree
    • FRBR Expression Duplicate Detection
  2. Full Text Search allowing users to simultaneously search Metadata and Content
  3. Create permanent authorities from headings in Bibliographic records
    • A 'Create Authority Records' feature was added to the MARC editor.
    • This feature allows one to quickly create authority records from one or more headings entered into the bibliographic record.
  4. Enhanced Chameleon iPortal
    • Support for external searching and OpenURL
    • Two new skins have been added
      • Printer skin: is not a complete skin but rather replaces some of the result screens with plain text equivalents. For instance, it does not contain a start screen
      • Kids Skin: designed with children in mind. This skin includes links to the printer skin so if the printer skin is not installed, these links should be removed
  5. Editing fixed fields with list boxes
    • Users do not have to remember all the codes in the fixed fields. They can use pull down menus and select the right codes making cataloging easier.
  6. 7xx (linking fields) in authority records
    • VTLS has always supported the 4xx (See From) and 5xx (See Also) navigation, with release 42 Virtua can now support 7xx (Established Headings Linking Entries) navigation.
  7. Multi-Thesaurus subject searching.
    • Allows multiple subject heading systems (like LC and MeSH) in the same database and either search them together or search them separately.
  8. SICI check-ins
  9. Enhancements to left to right scripts and special treatment for anchoring of mixed left-to-right and right-to-left data. It also includes special handling of the 8xx tags.
  10. Item level URLs (allows electronic reserves)

About VTLS Inc.

VTLS Inc. ( is an ISO 9001 registered company. With over 25 years of experience creating smarter libraries, museums, archives and corporations, VTLS Inc. is an international leader in integrated library automation, digital imaging services and RFID technology. VTLS Inc. solutions include Virtua ILS - Integrated Library Systems, Visual MIS - Multimedia and Imaging Solutions and Vista CPS - Companion Product Suite. VTLS is a corporate member of the American Library Association, a voting member of NISO, and a charter member and sponsor of CNI. A diverse customer base of more than 900 libraries located in 32 countries gives VTLS a global perspective of the industry and compels the company to abide by strict international standards.

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