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Presidential ads as nightly news: a content analysis of 1988 and 1992 televised adwatches

Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media [Summer 1996]


Copyright (c) 1996

Abstract: A study found that presidential adwatches were found mostly as part of routine campaign reports in 1988, but were more prominently featured as the focus of a television news story in 1992. Findings point to the increasing importance of political advertising as part of news reports on political campaigns.

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Publication Year:1996
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Published in: Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
Publication Info:Volume 40 Number 3
Issue:Summer 1996
Place of Publication:Washington
Notes:from the "Methods" section: Researchers conducted a content analysis of network news coverage of 1988 and 1992 televised political advertisements. The data for this study were drawn from the Vanderbilt Television News Index and Abstracts and from actual videotapes of network newscasts. This study analyzed broadcasts appearing on the three major networks; ABC, CBS, and NBC.
Researchers examined political advertising adwatches in network newscasts from Labor Day to Election Day in each of the two presidential election years. These dates are traditionally viewed as the general election period for political campaigns. According to Kern, West, and Alger (1993), the general election period is when adwatches amplify the most memorable messages and place greater emphasis on campaign issues.
Subject: Vanderbilt Television News Archive -- Research Use
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