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V-smart is an Integrated Library System offered by Infor.

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V-smart has been installed in 75 libraries, spanning 455 facilities or branches)

V-smart implementations by Type of Library

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Distribution of V-smart sites by Country

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System migration patterns for V-smart

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Sales Statistics for V-smart

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Sales and Installation Statistics for V-smart
Product NameCompanyNameProduct TypeYearContractsLibrariesInstalled
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System202012414
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System201912402
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System201821390
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System201728342
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System20162424342
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System201532318
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System20142828304
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System201320124
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System201223124
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System201130171213
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System2010212173
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System2009121212
V-smart InforIntegrated Library System2008111111

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News Anouncements for V-smart

Coventry Libraries moves forward with Infor
October 3, 2015 - Infor Libraries today announced that Coventry City Council Libraries has deployed its V-smart library management system to help provide an enhanced service for customers and drive efficiencies. V-smart also equips the library with a platform to help deliver additional efficiencies in the future, including the potential to open discussions on shared services.

RNIB set to enhance library services with Infor
February 4, 2015 - Infor Libraries announced that the Royal National Institute for Blind Peoplehas deployed its V-smart library management system. An initial step in its on-going initiative to ensure library operations are meeting the specific needs of customers, RNIB selected Infor’s V-smart system to support and help provide a scalable solution for the future.

Automation Consultants (ILA) and Infor announce Arabic version of V-smart
August 5, 2014 - Infor's V-smart will become available throughout Egypt and the Middle East as part of the Automation Business Cloud - ABC through Automation Consultants’ Arabization Software Solution and Technologies.

Kirkland Municipal Library improves patron services with Infor
May 15, 2013 - Infor announced the Kirkland Municipal Library has selected Infor V-smart, Infor V-insight and the Iguana web portal and discovery platform. Serving the Canadian community of Kirkland on the west island of Montreal, Quebec, the library chose the applications to provide its members with remote catalog access through an integrated, web-based system, as well as to enhance interactions and services through improved ease-of-use.

Dorval Public Library Increases Efficiency with Infor V-smart
January 24, 2013 - Infor announced the Dorval Public Library has implemented Infor V-smart to help deliver next-generation services to library users and create state-of-the-art search functionality. The integrated solution enables the library to attract new members and improve service to current users by providing access to both digital and traditional collections.

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