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VERSO is an Integrated Library System offered by Auto-Graphics, Inc..

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VERSO has been installed in 420 libraries, spanning 525 facilities or branches)

VERSO implementations by Type of Library

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Distribution of VERSO sites by Country

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System migration patterns for VERSO

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Sales Statistics for VERSO

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Sales and Installation Statistics for VERSO
Product NameCompanyNameProduct TypeYearContractsLibrariesInstalled
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System202011538
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System201973534
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System201844529
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System201723525
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System201677509
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System2015510506
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System201421127501
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System20131762591
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System20121942517
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System20111669463
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System20101386394
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System20091817311
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System20082467248
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System20074745173
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System20065454144
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System200515106
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System20042389
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System2003655
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System20021974
VERSO Auto-Graphics, Inc.Integrated Library System20011414

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VERSO Satisfaction Ratings

[Data source: International Survey of Library Automation]

2019 VERSO Responses by Sector
SatisfactionLevelILS486.29 96.6700356.230002
ILSFunctionality486.73 97.1100356.690002
PrintFunctionality486.75 87.6300366.690002
ElectronicFunctionality485.88 95.2200356.110002
SatisfactionCustomerSupport487.50 88.0000367.280002
CompanyLoyalty476.32 86.7500356.200002

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Documents or articles featuring VERSO

Breeding, Marshall. Auto-Graphics: A Library Automation Pioneer Strengthens Its Position for Library Consortia. February 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Auto-Graphics has been landing an increasing number of consortial contracts for its AGent VERSO ILS, demonstrating its standing as one of the stronger mid-level library automation vendors in the library automation industry. Their newest clients include a large statewide consortium in Tennessee. This project stands as a significant win for Auto-Graphics and also marks the first time that Tennessee has sponsored a statewide library automation initiative. In a phase of library automation where open source automation projects gain considerable attention, it demonstrates that proprietary systems continue to be regarded as viable alternatives.

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News Anouncements for VERSO

Auto-Graphics delivers complete desktop-to-mobile ILS integration with the release of Auto-Graphics’ Library Mobile for VERSO
May 18, 2017 - Auto-Graphics announced the latest release to their AGent Library Management Platform, Auto-Graphics’ Library Mobile for VERSO, continuing the company’s investment in the industry it serves. This new real-time app is tightly integrated with back-end VERSO desktop business rules, which means library circulation rules such as e-book retention, placing holds, etc. are automatically recognized and enforced, unlike third-party mobile apps, to provide a complete, integrated solution.

Vermont Department of Libraries modernizes with Auto‐Graphics' library management solutions
April 6, 2017 - Vermont Department of Libraries selected Auto‐Graphics to provide a new integrated library system and a resource sharing system, giving library patrons the ability to search across all participating libraries in the state.

Auto‐Graphics, Inc Expands California Presence With VERSO ILS
May 5, 2016 - Auto‐Graphics, Inc., a leading provider of tools, technologies, and software developed to power libraries, and Nevada County Library, are pleased to announce the selection and successful migration of Auto‐Graphics' VERSO®, as the new Integrated Library System.

Auto-Graphics, Inc expands California presence With VERSO ILS
June 27, 2015 - Auto-Graphics and Rancho Mirage Public Library announce the selection and successful migration and go live of Auto-Graphics' VERSO, as the new Integrated Library System. After a competitive and thorough RFP process, Rancho Mirage Public Library, RMPL, selected Auto-Graphics as the vendor of choice with their latest iteration of ILS software.

Auto-Graphics' continues growth in mid-tier public library market
June 5, 2015 - Auto-Graphics and La Porte County Public Library, announce the selection of Auto-Graphics' VERSO, as the new Integrated Library System.

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