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Symphony is an Integrated Library System offered by SirsiDynix.

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Symphony has been installed in 3,611 libraries, spanning 12,450 facilities or branches)

Symphony implementations by Type of Library

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Distribution of Symphony sites by Country

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System migration patterns for Symphony

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Sales Statistics for Symphony

[Data source: statistics reported for the Annual Library Systems Report]

Sales and Installation Statistics for Symphony
Product NameCompanyNameProduct TypeYearContractsLibrariesInstalled
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2019992454
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20181072498
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2017902551
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20161422573
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20151222548
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20141182546
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20131282496
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20121042433
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20111227252377
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20101262255
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2009115
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2008135
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20071211211704
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2006711583
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2005911512
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20041341481
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20031241343
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20022071252
Symphony SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20011171055

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Symphony Satisfaction Ratings

[Data source: International Survey of Library Automation]

2019 Symphony Responses by Sector
SatisfactionLevelILS4396.70 626.02286.43196.161536.97726.99236.39127.50276.59
ILSFunctionality4366.74 626.47286.21185.891516.90726.90236.35127.50276.70
PrintFunctionality4337.10 616.74287.00196.681497.15717.48236.43127.83277.41
ElectronicFunctionality4265.76 604.72285.46185.061486.21716.01225.73126.08255.64
SatisfactionCustomerSupport4237.22 616.75286.96187.061467.13677.57237.48127.67277.59
CompanyLoyalty4296.48 625.55276.04185.171486.73717.00236.30127.25267.04

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News Anouncements for Symphony

Plano Public Library (TX) Selects SirsiDynix as their ILS Vendor
July 29, 2020 - SirsiDynix announced that Plano Public Library has selected SirsiDynix as their Integrated Library System partner. SirsiDynix believes in the power libraries have to uplift and enrich their communities and is honored to provide services and support in this endeavor. SirsiDynix is excited to welcome Plano Public Library.

Faulker-Van Buren Regional Library System selects SirsiDynix as their ILS vendor
December 13, 2019 - SirsiDynix announced today that Faulkner-Van Buren Regional Library System has selected SirsiDynix as their Integrated Library System (ILS) partner.

Council Bluffs Public Library selects SirsiDynix as their ILS Vendor
December 13, 2019 - SirsiDynix announced that Council Bluffs Public Library has selected SirsiDynix as their Integrated Library System (ILS) partner.

Barnsley, Rotherham and Kirklees join Yorkshire and Humber LMS Framework
November 19, 2019 - SirsiDynix announced the growing number of libraries benefiting from the Yorkshire and Humber LMS Framework. Following Leeds Cityís successful implementation, three additional authorities have signed contracts for a new fully hosted library systems solution with SirsiDynix.

Hounslow joins the London Libraries Consortium
November 18, 2019 - The London Borough of Hounslow is the latest borough to join the London Libraries Consortium. Following Croydon Councilís successful go live, Hounslow has now called off the London Libraries Consortium framework, increasing the total number of authorities to 18. We are delighted to provide the underlying technology solution for the Consortiumís framework and look forward to expanding SirsiDynix solutions across London and beyond.

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