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Quria is an Integrated Library System offered by Axiell.

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Quria has been installed in 17 libraries, spanning 32 facilities or branches)

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Sales and Installation Statistics for Quria
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Quria AxiellIntegrated Library System2018556

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News Anouncements for Quria

Quria Library Directors’ Forum membership grows rapidly enabling future strategic product development
May 7, 2021 - In the spirit of learning and collaboration, Axiell has launched a Quria Library Directors' Forum. The forum will provide a place for Library Directors in the Quria User Community to share experiences using the software, collaborate on strategic product development, receive product updates from Axiell and exchange on international trends and formats. The forum is growing fast and new delegates from leading libraries in Europe took part.

Axiell partners with Adimeo to bring next-generation library services platform to France
March 10, 2021 - Axiel announced a strategic partnership with Adimeo, a tech and consulting company based in France. The partnership grants Adimeo exclusive distribution rights to bring Axiell's Quria product, a library services platform designed for the modern public library, to French-speaking European markets.

Oxelösunds library chooses Quria to streamline operations
January 19, 2021 - Oxelösunds Library chooses Axiell's cloud-based platform, Quria, and discovery tool, Axiell Arena, to streamline work for library staff, leaving more time to assist borrowers and visitors. With this user-friendly and modern library system, Oxelösund will be better positioned to support its 11,900 inhabitants with more flexible library operations and automated processes.

Burlöv Libraries chooses Quria to promote digital inclusion
October 19, 2020 - Burlöv Libraries chooses Axiell's cloud-based library services platform, Quria, to make library workflows more efficient and to improve user experience for both library staff and users. The library service will also utilise Axiell's Arena discovery tool, as part of a digital-first plan to adapt operations and physical library spaces to better support and engage users.

Kungsbacka libraries choose Axiell Quria
March 30, 2020 - Axiell, the leading vendor to public libraries in Europe, announces that Kungsbacka libraries will be the first library in Sweden to choose the cloud-based library services platform, Quria. With this, Axiell is launching Quria into the Swedish market and will work closely with Kungsbacka to ensure a delivery that is fully adapted to the needs of Swedish libraries.

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