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This dashboard brings together data, trends, news, and other resources from Library Technology Guides describing the product and the libraries in which it has has been implemented, its geographic presence, statistics of sales and installations, and satisfaction ratings from libraries that use it.

OPALS is an Integrated Library System offered by Media Flex.

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OPALS has been installed in 1,037 libraries, spanning 2,031 facilities or branches)

OPALS implementations by Type of Library

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Distribution of OPALS sites by Country

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System migration patterns for OPALS

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OPALS Satisfaction Ratings

[Data source: International Survey of Library Automation]

2021 OPALS Responses by Sector
SatisfactionLevelILS2528.85 198.8410500958.8788.88
ILSFunctionality2518.71 198.6310500958.7588.88
PrintFunctionality2518.90 198.8410500958.9288.63
ElectronicFunctionality2047.92 177.7610300807.8667.83
SatisfactionCustomerSupport2508.76 198.5810500958.8088.75
CompanyLoyalty2488.71 188.6710500948.7188.63

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News Anouncements for OPALS

OPALS partners with MetaMetrics to provide Lexile measures for New York State School Library Systems
February 19, 2013 - MetaMetrics(R), developer of The Lexile(R) Framework for Reading, andBiblioFiche/Media Flex, developers of OPALS (Open Source AutomatedLibrary System), are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership thatwill provide Lexile measures to the New York State School LibrarySystems. OPALS currently serves approximately 1,800 New York State schoollibraries which represent 45% of New York State schools through theSchool Library Systems' union catalogs. As these numbers grow, morestudents will be able to find books that fit their personal readingabilities based on Lexile measures.

Avi Chai launches a North American Judaica School Library Union Catalog
June 3, 2008 - The Avi Chai Foundation announced the launch of a new tool for Judaica librarians—the Avi Chai Bookshelf Union Catalog. The union catalog, which contains the MARC bibliographic holdings of 31 Jewish high school libraries in the United States and Canada that have been recipients of Avi Chai's Bookshelf grant. The Avi Chai Union Catalog runs on the open source OPALS library automation system. (

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