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Libero is an Integrated Library System offered by Insight Informatics.

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Libero has been installed in 58 libraries, spanning 213 facilities or branches)

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The Senckenberg Natural History Collections in Dresden opt for LIBERO Cloud to meet the ever-changing technological environment
June 11, 2021 - The Senckenberg Natural History Collections in Dresden were the first German libraries to switch to LIBERO's fully managed premium cloud service. The advantages offered by LIBERO Cloud were crucial for the institute and helped significantly to drive the decision to move to a cloud-hosted environment.

Die Senckenberg Naturhistorischen Sammlungen in Dresden vertrauen auf LIBERO Cloud, um dem technologischen Wandel besser gerecht zu werden
June 11, 2021 - Die Senckenberg Naturhistorischen Sammlungen in Dresden waren die ersten deutschen Bibliotheken, die auf LIBEROs voll verwalteten Premium-Cloud-Service umgestiegen sind. Die Vorteile, die die LIBERO Cloud bietet, waren für das Institut ausschlaggebend und trugen maßgeblich zu der Entscheidung bei, in eine Cloud-gehostete Umgebung zu wechseln.

With LIBERO Omnio Smart Search, browsing the online catalogue will inspire people to discover more
March 5, 2021 - A pioneer in state-of-the-art library technology, LIBERO is now bringing you the next generation of Library Services Platforms. LIBERO Omnio Smart Search, a feature of the new flagship product LIBERO Omnio, leads the library management system industry.

The Filderstadt Public Library in Germany upgrades to latest LIBERO Version (V6.4)
November 6, 2020 - The Filderstadt Public Library is a long-standing customer of LIBERO since 2005. For many years, the library received its support through the former German distributor; however, since the restructuring at the beginning of this year, Filderstadt, along with all other German clients, now receives direct support from the LIBERO team. The library team worked with the LIBERO team to upgrade the server and migrate to the latest version of LIBERO.

Die Stadtbibliothek Filderstadt aktualisiert auf die neueste LIBERO-Version (V6.4)
November 6, 2020 - Brisbane, Australien – Die Stadtbibliothek Filderstadt ist ein langjähriger Kunde von LIBERO seit 2005. Über viele Jahre erhielt die Bibliothek ihren Support durch den ehemaligen deutschen Vertriebshändler; seit der Umstrukturierung Anfang diesen Jahres wird Filderstadt nun, wie alle deutschen Kunden, vom LIBERO-Team direkt betreut, welches gemeinsam mit dem Team der Bibliothek das Server-Upgrade und den Umstieg auf die neueste Version von LIBERO umgesetzt hat.

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