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Koha is an Integrated Library System offered by Open Source.

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Koha has been installed in 3,803 libraries, spanning 5,250 facilities or branches)

Koha implementations by Type of Library

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Distribution of Koha sites by Country

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System migration patterns for Koha

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Sales Statistics for Koha

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Sales and Installation Statistics for Koha
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Koha Satisfaction Ratings

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2019 Koha Responses by Sector
SatisfactionLevelILS2797.65 927.32177.883748.0397.67097.7878.29
ILSFunctionality2787.47 917.25177.713747.7797.22098.1177.86
PrintFunctionality2748.01 907.71178.123738.2587.38098.2278.57
ElectronicFunctionality2676.16 895.96165.382706.3796.44097.5676.29
SatisfactionCustomerSupport2687.67 887.25177.242718.2098.11097.6778.57
CompanyLoyalty2577.14 836.52136.772717.6298.56098.3368.67

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Documents or articles featuring Koha

Breeding, Marshall. ByWater and Donohue Group To Develop New Advanced Cataloging Module for Koha. April 2014. Smart Libraries Newsletter. A collaborative project between ByWater Solutions, one of the major providers of support services for the open source Koha integrated library system, and Donohue Group Inc. proposes to develop new MARC record editing and management capabilities to support the needs of complex cataloging operations. The Donohue Group will partially fund the development of the new cataloging module, which will be supplemented by funding contributed from ByWater Solutions

Breeding, Marshall. Open Source ILS Continues to Expand. April 2011. Smart Libraries Newsletter. The movement toward open source library automation continues. Recent months have seen many announcements of libraries selecting both Koha and Evergreen to replace proprietary systems. Keeping in mind that proprietary ILS products continue to dominate, both in new selections and in the overall base of installed systems, open source library automation has gained a strong footing in the industry and has become a common option for most types of libraries.

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News Anouncements for Koha

Washington State Law Library goes live on Koha with ByWater support
January 22, 2021 - ByWater Solutions, America's forefront provider of Open Source library technology support, announced that Washington State Law Library is now live on Koha. ByWater completed the transition of the libraries 51,000 plus bibs from Sierra and is providing ongoing support services for Koha.

College of Optometrists chooses Koha open source library management system, hosted and supported by PTFS Europe
January 14, 2021 - The College of Optometrists has chosen Koha as its new library management system to replace the previous IS Oxford Heritage solution. PTFS Europe is implementing the new system and will provide on-going hosting and support services.

30 bibliotecas más se suman al sistema unificado de gestión de la Red de Bibliotecas Públicas de Galicia
January 14, 2021 - Un total de 30 nuevas bibliotecas se suman a la implantación de Koha, a través de xelibrary, el sistema de gestión integrado para bibliotecas de Xercode que ya utiliza desde hace tiempo la Rede de Bibliotecas Públicas de Galicia. Con esta nueva incorporación, ya son más de 130 las bibliotecas que han unificado su sistema de gestión con Koha.

Sacramento County Public Law Library goes live on Koha with ByWater Support
January 14, 2021 - ByWater Solutions, America's forefront provider of Open Source library technology support, announced that Sacramento County Public Law Library is now live on Koha.

KOHA ILS Koha Community Announces 20.11 Release
January 7, 2021 - The Koha Community, home of the world's first free and open-source library system, announced last month that the Koha 20.11 release is available. This major release includes 9 new features, 354 enhancements, 412 bugfixes.

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