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Horizon is an Integrated Library System offered by SirsiDynix.

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Horizon has been installed in 551 libraries, spanning 1,600 facilities or branches)

Horizon implementations by Type of Library

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Distribution of Horizon sites by Country

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System migration patterns for Horizon

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Sales Statistics for Horizon

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Sales and Installation Statistics for Horizon
Product NameCompanyNameProduct TypeYearContractsLibrariesInstalled
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20231706
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20228750
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System202110777
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20207813
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System201910826
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System201817879
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System201710917
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System201613950
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System201515979
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2014131019
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System201391099
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System201211183
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System201121311
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2010201406
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2007151612
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2006941597
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20051471503
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20041931719
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20031681240
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2002114975
Horizon SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2001126958

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Horizon Satisfaction Ratings

[Data source: International Survey of Library Automation]

2021 Horizon Responses by Sector
SatisfactionLevelILS786.74 76.7121247.25256.4867.6710
ILSFunctionality796.58 76.2921247.08256.4067.1711
PrintFunctionality787.51 77.8621247.58247.1768.0011
ElectronicFunctionality775.47 73.5721245.92255.9256.4011
SatisfactionCustomerSupport777.79 78.4321227.82257.7267.8311
CompanyLoyalty777.19 78.0021227.45257.1668.0011

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News Anouncements for Horizon

Clarivate launches Research Horizon Navigator to pinpoint future breakthrough areas
June 4, 2024 - Clarivate, a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, launched Research Horizon Navigator, a powerful new AI-native module within InCites Benchmarking and Analytics that highlights emerging research topics where future breakthroughs are likely to occur. Academics, funding agencies, government research organizations and research strategists will be able to identify new research trends and determine the most impactful areas for future investments and strategies. Research Horizon Navigator draws on trusted data from the Web of Science Core Collection and uses a novel methodology developed by the Institute for Scientific Information to identify new topics emerging in articles, reviews and conference proceedings published in the past five years, as well as a new indicator which measures the interdisciplinarity of each emerging topic. Within Research Horizon Navigator, each topic is labeled with a research theme assigned by generative AI. Each topic also offers an interactive visualization showing how papers are connected and includes an overview where users can explore which authors and institutions have contributed.

Santa Clara County Library returns to SirsiDynix Horizon
October 11, 2016 - SirsiDynix welcome Santa Clara County Library District back to the family of Horizon libraries. Formerly a long-time Horizon library, SCCLD, is returning to Horizon after a 1 year interim adoption of another ILS. In addition to returning to their former ILS, the California public library system plans to adopt a number of SirsiDynix solutions, including BLUEcloud Analytics, eResource Central, MobileCirc, and BLUEcloud Visibility.

Horizon release adds refined Features for improved efficiency and efficacy
September 26, 2016 - SirsiDynix announced the release of Horizon 7.5.4. The latest Horizon update provides new, powerful capabilities to a long-standing, dependable solution, helping Horizon libraries provide the Best Library User Experience for both library staff and end users. SirsiDynix is dedicated to providing libraries with progressive and continually-advancing solutions.

SirsiDynix adds more than 100 improvements to Horizon
June 20, 2013 - SirsiDynix has delivered more than 100 improvements to Horizon and HIP over the last year, with many more improvements planned for the year to come. The releases of Horizon 7.5.2 and Service Pack 1 for Horizon 7.5.2 included new features such as SMS (text message) notices, RDA support, new Spanish and French translations, and a PIN reset feature in HIP. Both releases also included fixes for issues Horizon libraries identified with their systems. Future versions of Horizon will bring integration with the SirsiDynix BLUEcloud Suite, a next-generation library services platform designed to augment both Horizon and Symphony with cloud-based features, as well as continued development of new features in Horizon itself.

My Account for Horizon and eResource Central integration added to Enterprise/Portfolio 4.2
April 30, 2012 - SirsiDynix announced the release of the SirsiDynix Enterprise/Portfolio 4.2 search and discovery solution. With the 4.2 release of Enterprise/Portfolio, libraries running the SirsiDynix Horizon ILS can provide full My Account features to their patrons, allowing them to log in, make payments, renew items, and manage holds and checked-out items. In addition, Enterprise/Portfolio 4.2 comes ready to integrate with SirsiDynix eResource Central and RefWorks and Zotero citation services.

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