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FOLIO is an Integrated Library System offered by Open Library Foundation.

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FOLIO has been installed in 69 libraries, spanning 124 facilities or branches)

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FOLIO All VendorsIntegrated Library System2020181810

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Breeding, Marshall. FOLIO: Advancing from Vision to Software. January 2018. Smart Libraries Newsletter. The open source FOLIO project to create a new library services platform continues to see progress in its development timeline. Since the project was launched in late 2015, the project has crossed a number of significant milestones in its technical development, community-building, outreach, and in support structures. Project documentation posits the end of 2018 for the availability of its initial version able to replace a library's existing ILS. This three-year development effort from project launch to a minimally viable product can be seen as ambitious but reasonably consistent with the timelines of other products.

Breeding, Marshall. EBSCO Supports New Open Source Project in Partnership with Kuali OLE. May 2016. Smart Libraries Newsletter. A new initiative has launched to create an open source library services platform for academic libraries. EBSCO Information Services conceived the project and will provide substantial funding. A community of developers comprising commercial and library organizations will create the software. Kuali OLE, previously working to create its own open source library resource management system, will make a transition to participate in this new initiative rather than complete its own software. Many details of the new project, including the nature of Kuali OLE's involvement, are not yet finalized. The resources currently lining up behind this initiative provide the potential for the rapid development generally consistent with the plans for Kuali OLE. Participants characterize this new project as not as a setback, but as an acceleration of the availability of an open source library services platform for academic libraries.

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News Anouncements for FOLIO

CAVAL becomes the first in Australia to implement FOLIO as its new Library Management Platform
August 3, 2022 - CAVAL will be the first in Australia to implement FOLIO - Future of Libraries is Open – as its new Library Management Platform hosted by Index Data. CAVAL's previous Library Management System had served it well in the last 20 years, however, the changing times and its new strategic direction called for a fresh outlook.

FOLIO rolls out to the Five College Libraries Consortium
July 11, 2022 - UMass Amherst Libraries and the Five College Consortium announce the adoption of FOLIO, an open-source library services platform, which will begin operation throughout the Five College Libraries later this month. UMass Amherst librarians, along with our Five College partners, are among the first set of early adopters—and adapters. The Five College Consortium worked with EBSCO, one of the largest providers of digital library content in the world, to develop and beta test the implementation and hosting services for FOLIO.

Summer Migration to FOLIO
July 7, 2022 - Yesterday afternoon the Five Colleges Libraries completed the review of our new library services platform implementation, and officially accepted our new FOLIO environment. We are pleased to announce that backend systems operations and staff work are now underway in FOLIO.

A New Online Catalog
June 29, 2022 - Holy Cross Libraries have launched a new online catalog. We are now using FOLIO, an open-source library services platform developed collaboratively by libraries, developers, and vendors. FOLIO brings a modern approach to library systems and will allow the Libraries to leverage the latest technology and standards.

More than fifty libraries and library systems live on EBSCO FOLIO Library Services Platform
June 24, 2022 - More than fifty universities and library systems across the globe have now adopted the full EBSCO FOLIO Library Services Platform or leveraged EBSCO FOLIO Electronic Resource Management via EBSCO FOLIO Services. The sites and systems that have adopted EBSCO FOLIO have leveraged the implementation expertise, hosting and support services available through EBSCO Information Services. While most have implemented the full LSP, libraries and systems have also moved from existing ERM tools or instituted their first-ever ERM leveraging EBSCO FOLIO.

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