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EOS.Web is an Integrated Library System offered by SirsiDynix.

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EOS.Web has been installed in 158 libraries, spanning 343 facilities or branches)

EOS.Web implementations by Type of Library

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Distribution of EOS.Web sites by Country

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System migration patterns for EOS.Web

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Sales Statistics for EOS.Web

[Data source: statistics reported for the Annual Library Systems Report]

Sales and Installation Statistics for EOS.Web
Product NameCompanyNameProduct TypeYearContractsLibrariesInstalled
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System202020911
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System201924953
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2018281045
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2017281078
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2016311095
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2015521089
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2014581137
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2013701132
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System201258581078
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System201191911130
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System201097971097
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2009107316101073
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2008389158999
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2007146153609
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2006257257610
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System2004157175
EOS.Web SirsiDynixIntegrated Library System20031818

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EOS.Web Satisfaction Ratings

[Data source: International Survey of Library Automation]

2019 EOS.Web Responses by Sector
SatisfactionLevelILS306.30 40010010
ILSFunctionality306.57 40010010
PrintFunctionality307.33 40010010
ElectronicFunctionality295.93 40010010
SatisfactionCustomerSupport307.13 40010010
CompanyLoyalty295.93 40010010

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News Anouncements for EOS.Web

EOS.Web now a FedRAMP Low Authorized ILS
April 15, 2020 - SirsiDynix announced the completed FedRAMP authorization for EOS.Web. EOS.Web customers can now use the FedRAMP Low Authorized Integrated Library System data center. FedRAMP provides a standardized, federally approved, and secure approach for all applications that host government data in the cloud. SirsiDynix has worked with an agency and partner to obtain FedRAMP authorization which provides a streamlined ILS acquisition and/or renewal process. After completing the extensive assessment and development required, EOS.Web now supports the FedRAMP requirements.

BLUEcloud Analytics Now Available for EOS.Web
June 7, 2018 - SirsiDynix announced the release of BLUEcloud Analytics for EOS.Web. BLUEcloud Analytics helps libraries surface insights into how their library is being used so they can make educated, data-driven decisions. Fundamentally it empowers EOS.Web customers with the enterprise class tools of analytics, dashboards, charts, and the flexibility of striking, meaningful data visualizations showing their impact in their organization.

EOS.Web advancing library data security on path to achieving FedRAMP compliance
July 19, 2016 - EOS.Web is moving nearer to achieving FedRAMP compliance. EOS.Web, a SirsiDynix company, provides sophisticated library management solutions for special libraries. In an effort to meet the needs of its unique and exceptional libraries, EOS.Web is pursuing FedRAMP compliance, a federal authorization which recognizes highly secure and responsible cloud services. EOS.Web aims to become the first provider in the industry to achieve FedRAMP compliance.

2015 Perceptions Survey Reveals Strong Customer Satisfaction for SirsiDynix’s EOS.Web
June 9, 2016 - The results of the 2015 Marshall Breeding Perceptions survey are in, and showing industry-leading results for SirsiDynix’s EOS.Web. EOS.Web is honored by the response of customers in the latest Perceptions survey. The results of Marshall Breeding’s annual survey highlight strong and improving customer satisfaction for EOS.Web in 2015.

Planned integration of SirsiDynix's eResource Central with EOS.Web
June 12, 2015 - EOS International announced the planned integration of EOS.Web and SirsiDynix’ eResource Central, which will allow EOS users to download eBooks, eJournals, and more straight from their catalog.EOS libraries that use eRC will be able to bring all of their content providers together into a single interface, allowing patrons to download eResources away from third-party interfaces and within the EOS.Web catalog they’re familiar with. This unified eResource experience streamlines administration and will give patrons the benefit of discovering digital resources alongside physical content in their search results.

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