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Cicero is an Integrated Library System offered by Systematic.

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Cicero has been installed in 100 libraries, spanning 453 facilities or branches)

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Sales and Installation Statistics for Cicero
Product NameCompanyNameProduct TypeYearContractsLibrariesInstalled
Cicero Systematic GroupIntegrated Library System20231605433047
Cicero Systematic GroupIntegrated Library System202212162414

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Breeding, Marshall. Cicero: A New System Designed for Shared Library Management. June 2018. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Recent months have seen the completion of one of the most ambitious library automation projects globally. The Danish Joint Library System (Fælles Bibliotekssystem), based on the Cicero product developed by Systematic, has been put into production by 97 of the 98 municipalities to support their public and school libraries. In terms of libraries served, this project ranks as one of the largest consortially shared library management systems, serving 2,428 library facilities. Other measures of the scale of the project are likewise impressive. The cumulative inventory of items managed within the consortium totals over 62 million items with an annual lending volume of 50 million transactions; the libraries serve a population of 4.2 million.

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News Anouncements for Cicero

Oslo's Deichman libraries go live with new Danish library solution
March 30, 2023 - On Tuesday 28 March, 21 public libraries in the City of Oslo were connected to their new library system solution, Cicero. Transferring the data relating to almost two million library items, the profiles of 500,000 borrowers and all the accompanying data went exactly according to plan. Not a single user became aware of the data transfer as it was happening.

Systematic enters the Norwegian library market
December 12, 2022 - The Danish software company Systematic has won the tender for a new integrated library solution for the Deichman libraries in Oslo, which consists of 22 public and special libraries. The product Cicero will be the foundation around which Deichman's digital universe will be built. The solution supports functions such as borrower management, circulation, acquisition of materials and the experience in the library room. At the same time, the agreement with Deichman Systematics is the first step on the Norwegian library market. Deichman, which is part of Oslo municipality, has given all Norwegian municipalities the opportunity to buy into the Deichman agreement. Out of 428 Norwegian libraries, 230 have wanted to become option libraries, which gives them the right to be able to buy and connect to Cicero.

Oslo Public Library chooses new IT system
December 12, 2022 - The City of Oslo's 22 public libraries have chosen Systematic's library solution Cicero as their future platform for supporting libraries and borrowers. The Danish software company Systematic has won the tender to supply a new all-in-one library solution for Oslo Public Library (Deichman) in Oslo, which comprises 22 public and special libraries. Deichman's digital universe will be based on the product Cicero. The solution supports functions such as borrowing, circulation, acquiring new materials and the library user experience. At the same time, the agreement with Deichman marks Systematic's first step into the Norwegian library market.

Södertälje kommun erbjuder alla skolbibliotek en ny och användarvänlig lösning
February 23, 2021 - Som den andra kommunen på bara ett par månader har Södertälje valt bibliotekslösningen Cicero för att öka tillgängligheten till skolbiblioteken i grundskolorna. Under hösten 2020 valde Norrköpings kommun att köpa bibliotekslösningen Cicero till kommunens samtliga 50 skolbibliotek. Nu väljer Södertälje kommun också att göra det, vilket gör det lätt för skolbibliotekarier, lärare och 12 000 elever att hitta och låna exemplar – såväl på biblioteket som i klassrummet.

Municipality of Södertälje offering all school libraries a new and user-friendly IT solution
February 23, 2021 - The Municipality of Södertälje is the second municipality in the space of only a few months to choose the library system Cicero to support library users at its primary and lower secondary schools. In autumn 2020, the Municipality of Norrköping decided to buy the library solution Cicero for all 50 school libraries in the municipality. Now, the Municipality of Södertälje is following suit, which will make it easy for school librarians, teachers and 12,000 pupils in the municipality to find and borrow materials – in the library and in the classroom.

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