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Atriuum is an Integrated Library System offered by Book Systems, Inc..

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Book Systems, Inc.

Atriuum has been installed in 841 libraries, spanning 1,977 facilities or branches)

Atriuum implementations by Type of Library

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Distribution of Atriuum sites by Country

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System migration patterns for Atriuum

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Sales Statistics for Atriuum

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Sales and Installation Statistics for Atriuum
Product NameCompanyNameProduct TypeYearContractsLibrariesInstalled
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20211911914967
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20202292294850
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20191691694874
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20181451454575
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20171251253798
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20161471473673
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20151651653526
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20151671679995
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20141641643302
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20131581583138
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20121571572981
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20111411411953
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System201098981271
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System2009225225704
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System2008179179478
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System2007159159299
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20067575559
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20054576
Atriuum Book SystemsIntegrated Library System20043030

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Atriuum Satisfaction Ratings

[Data source: International Survey of Library Automation]

2019 Atriuum Responses by Sector
SatisfactionLevelILS787.94 300628.033040
ILSFunctionality787.86 300627.903040
PrintFunctionality748.07 300588.103040
ElectronicFunctionality706.54 300566.543040
SatisfactionCustomerSupport758.17 200618.333030
CompanyLoyalty767.79 300607.883040

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News Anouncements for Atriuum

Book Systems strategically partners with Unique Management Services
September 28, 2015 - Book Systems, Inc. announced their strategic partnership with Unique Management Services, integrating their Atriuum ILS Debt Management module with Unique Managementís Gentle Nudge approach.

Book Systems, Inc. releases Atriuum 9.6
November 5, 2014 - Book Systems announced the release of Atriuum v9.6.††This release is packed with many new features including customizable keyboard shortcuts, ability to create worker messages, My Reports menu, a debt management module, and more.††

Book Systems Integrates OverDrive APIs into Atriuum
June 19, 2013 - Book Systems announcs the integration of OverDrive APIs into Atriuum version 9.0. This integrated search portal for OverDrive allows patrons to easily search and find all of the digital content your library or consortium has purchased from OverDrive.

Book Systems, Inc. Releases Atriuum 9.0
June 15, 2013 - Book Systems announced the release of Atriuum v 9.0. This release contains enhanced features including improved eBook integration with OverDrive,social media connectivity with Facebook, and full support for the new RDA (Resource Description and Access)standard.

Book Systems puts the library in patrons' pockets
June 7, 2012 - Book Systems Inc. released its new Atriuum "on the go" app currently available on the Android Play Store. The mobile app for Atriuum gives you instant access to the library catalog from your favorite mobile device. Search for books, eBooks, DVDs, CDs and more. Use your mobile device to reserve a popular title, renew items, read reviews and even see a list of "What's Hot" at your local library. You can access My Items at any time to manage your account and book bags. Want to know if a new release is available at your library? While you are at your favorite book store, use the Scan ISBN feature to capture the ISBN located on the physical item.

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