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Apollo is an Integrated Library System offered by Biblionix.

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Apollo has been installed in 864 libraries, spanning 965 facilities or branches)

Apollo implementations by Type of Library

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Distribution of Apollo sites by Country

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System migration patterns for Apollo

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Sales Statistics for Apollo

[Data source: statistics reported for the Annual Library Systems Report]

Sales and Installation Statistics for Apollo
Product NameCompanyNameProduct TypeYearContractsLibrariesInstalled
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System20204949830
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System20196868787
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System20185858719
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System20175656664
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System20166565610
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System20156363547
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System20144949435
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System20138787434
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System20128080352
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System20117979272
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System20108787192
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System20095555105
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System2008494940
Apollo BiblionixIntegrated Library System2007232523

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Apollo Satisfaction Ratings

[Data source: International Survey of Library Automation]

2019 Apollo Responses by Sector
SatisfactionLevelILS1008.48 000998.470001
ILSFunctionality988.26 000978.250001
PrintFunctionality998.43 000988.430001
ElectronicFunctionality977.96 000967.960001
SatisfactionCustomerSupport998.61 000988.600001
CompanyLoyalty948.21 000938.200001

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News Anouncements for Apollo

Apollo LSP boosted with Advanced Reserves and Library of Things
February 23, 2021 - Biblionix announced Advanced Reserve and Library of Things (LoT) capabilities for its Apollo ILS/LSP. Libraries can choose to implement either one or both on anything in their Apollo catalogs.

Biblionix fee reductions and COVID-19
November 30, 2020 - Biblionix's subscription model is helping libraries with COVID-19 related budget challenges. If usage of the Apollo ILS is lower, normal company policy is to reduce fees at renewal time to match the actual usage over the previous 12 months. This is counter to common behavior of other vendors; locking-in prices for years, and in some cases applying automatic yearly increases.

Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library Launches New and Improved Online Catalog
September 21, 2020 - The Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library invites residents to explore the new and improved online library catalog

Biblionix Announces a Battery of COVID-19 Coping Tools
June 2, 2020 - Biblionix today announced the completion of its Mobile Checkout capability for the Apollo® ILS/LSP. This brings the number of closure and partial-closure tools that are now available to all Apollo customers to eighteen. All are free of charge.

ProQuest, Biblionix join forces to improve public library patron experience
December 4, 2019 - Public libraries who use Apollo, an integrated library system (ILS) from Biblionix that automates circulation management and collection management, now have a new way to improve the discovery experience for their patrons. The Syndetics Unbound catalog enrichment service, designed to transform a library’s catalog or discovery layer, will now be available to public libraries in combination with Apollo.

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